Baraat Indian Hindu Wedding Ceremony in Lisbon Portugal

A Baraat Indian Hindu Wedding Ceremony in Lisbon Portugal is something that has become known to the wedding destinations scene. Being Portugal a country that has become very known for wedding destinations its not strange that a great number of Indian Hindu wedding ceremonies take place in our country, more often in Lisbon our capital city.

This iconic rite is an incredible moment for the groom and for those who have the chance to be a part of such an enthusiastic hindu rite. A millennial Indian tradition: the Baraat Wedding Ceremony , now in Lisbon Portugal.

Hindu wedding ceremonies are taken very seriously, all details are taken into consideration when preparing and setting up all the different stages and different Hindu wedding ceremonies required to officially consider there couple married according to the Hindu traditions. Not only there are ceremonies to prepare the women for this very important rite, but also the men gets to be the center of attention in what is known as the Baraat Wedding ceremony.

In this outstanding ceremony a white horse, or Ghodi as it is called, transports the groom that is wearing a turban with ‘Sehra', which is a flower veil over his face and also wears a flower garland that signifies prosperity. The procession goes from the entrance of the venue till the wedding ceremony.

Normally the family portrays a very important role in the Baraat wedding ceremony for they are meant to decorate with finery the white horse to match the garment of the groom and to accompany him during his procession. As always this vibrant ceremony is followed by energetic and vibrant Indian music also singing takes place and dancers bring more life to the Baraat wedding ceremony. Lisbon Wedding Planner has coordinated several stunning Baraat wedding ceremonies in Lisbon. Which has allowed us to deeply understand and better plan complex Hindu weddings in Portugal.

With this in mind and because Lisbon Wedding Planner loves to make dream weddings come true, here for we make ourselves available to plan and organize your Indian Hindu wedding destination in Portugal.

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