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Guide to a Nigerian Destination Wedding in Europe Portugal

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

Nigerian Destination Wedding in Europe Portugal

Arriba by the Sea welcomed an elegant a Nigerian Wedding in Portugal. Arriba by the Sea is a wedding venue with amzing views to the Beach. Destination Nigerian Weddings are becoming more and more popular snf
Nigerian Wedding at the Arriba by the Sea in Portugal

Lately, lots of Nigerian couples have been choosing to have a destination wedding. Yes, we’ve seen celebrities like Adesua and Banky W, Bambam, and Teddy, and many go for a destination wedding. Still, outside of celebrity circles, other Nigerians are choosing to have a destination wedding too.

Why? Well, we’re sure as a Nigerian you can think of many reasons why. Weddings in Nigeria have gotten to a point where they are no longer about the couple. You find yourself juggling to keep to the wishes of your parents and your in-laws. But not only them, your parent’s friends, your paternal aunt, your great grand aunt, everybody has desires that you must not fail to keep to. Sometimes, the wishes even conflict.

So, there you are, thinking if having a wedding was a good idea in the first place. Because aside from those, you know that after making your guest list of 500 people, you’ll have to budget for 1000+ people. Why? Plus ones are not a thing in Nigeria. You have to think in terms of Plus three’s and above because you know your neighbor is coming with his girlfriend and two more of her friends. So, it really isn’t a surprise that couples are going for destination weddings. The argument is that if you’re going to spend that much, you might as well spend it outside where you’ll have better control over who gets to attend your wedding and who doesn’t—all without having to bluff anybody and cause friction outrightly.

So, destination weddings are now a thing, and couples are going to Western European countries like Greece and Southern European countries like Italy and Portugal. If you decide to have your destination wedding here in Portugal, we would be more than delighted to have you at Lisbon Wedding Planner. Based on that, here are some tips on having your destination wedding in Portugal.

Pick A Venue That Makes Sense for You

What do you picture when you think about your wedding? Is it a fairytale castle or a ceremony by the beach? Are you at one with nature and would love a garden wedding? Or is it an elegant ballroom with disco lights and chandeliers? We’ve got it all for you here in Portugal. All you have to do is talk to us at Lisbon Wedding Planner. They’re available at great prices too.

Hire A Local Wedding Planner

Working with someone who is one ground in the destination you chose for your wedding is the best. They’ll give you the necessary and accurate information on all that concerns your wedding in that country, and they’ll scout and recommend the best venues for you. Through them, you’ll also be able to take advantage of local vendors like florists, photographers, caterers, makeup artists, and others. We are more than ready to do all that for your destination wedding in Portugal at Lisbon Wedding Planner.

Give Your Guests Some Direction

It’s usually best to have a specific program of activities ready long before your wedding day, so your guests can get ready. We can’t be doing Nigerian time abroad dears (wink wink). First, focus on communicating your wedding day details and RSVP options and have a destination-focused website. It’ll make things very easy. Your website can include the program of activities mentioned earlier, as well as logistics for arrival and lodging, like suggested plane routes, trains and hotel options, or room blocks. Details like money exchange options (Because your guests have to spray you in dollars, you know), essential words to know in the local language and restaurant, tour guides are crucial. Shopping recommendations can also help your guests to feel comfortable when they arrive. We at Lisbon Wedding Planner will gladly help you with these details and many more so that you and your guests can feel at home in Portugal.

Safely Pack Wedding Essentials

When traveling, packing can be a stressful task. For a destination wedding, you might feel under a lot more pressure. Have no fear; this is normal. Just do your best not to forget the most important things. We’d advise that you carry anything of value in your carry-on—for example, your wedding dress, suit, and the wedding rings.

You can have your dress and suit put in a garment bag and have the flight attendant hang it up for you. They’ll be happy to. We also have dry cleaners who can help you get your garment back in shape before your wedding here if it doesn’t travel well. We want the best for you. As for your rings, insuring them before you travel with them is a great idea too. Then put them inside protective boxes, secured in your carry-on, for your travel.

Here at Lisbon Wedding Planner, hosting successful destination weddings is our specialty. That’s why we have talented and experienced wedding planners ready to help you with yours. Your Nigerian destination wedding in Portugal can be all you dreamed of and more. Contact us today!

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