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Hen Party in Portugal

For your Hen Party in Portugal there are several different options that we can offer, to ensure that you have an unforgettable experience! Whether you prefer an elegant pampering affair, an exclusive thrilling set of outdoor activities, or a perfect combination of both, your Hen Party in Portugal will be unforgettable!

Offering those closest to you, the exclusive experience of not only having the best hen party experience, but also of getting to know a whole new country with magical Hen party settings. From beautiful beaches, extremely gorgeous nature surrounded mountains, urban trendy city centers, and one of the prettiest countrysides in Europe, we can organize your Hen Party in Portugal in any of the settings you prefer.

At Lisbon Wedding Planner we are more than thrilled to organize your Hen Party in Portugal according to your preference. You can take all of your hens to a morning of shopping in Lisbon's trendy city center, and then to go relax in an afternoon of SPA pampering, and to finish off your Hen Party in Portugal you can have a night of rooftop cocktails with stunning views. Or you can have a day filled with outdoor activities, get some mani-pedis, and then decide to go dancing the night away with those closest to you. You can even opt to have a very classy and elegant Hen Party in Portugal, composed of a lunch on a yacht sailing across the tagus river, combined with an afternoon in the best SPA, finished off with a haute cuisine meal in one of our top restaurants!

Whether you have theme picked out, or a general idea of what you would like, contact us at Lisbon Wedding Planner, and we will be sure to put together the most unforgettable and stunning hen party in Portugal. Both you and your girls will forever remember this outstanding weekend away. And the best part is that we'll take care of everything, so all you have to do is enjoy yourself and relax after those stressful wedding planning months.

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