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Nejal’s Indian Wedding in Portugal

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

Lisbon Wedding Planner is a greatly appreciated and highly recommended company with several years of wedding planning experiences and therefor the best choice for organizing your Indian Wedding. Witnessing an Indian Wedding is a unique and unforgettable experience which will never fade from your memories.

Lisbon Wedding Planner had the honour of creating and coordinating a 3-days Indian Wedding at an exclusive venue which took several intensive months to organize in detail.

In collaboration with the bride, groom, relatives, partners, catering, staff, florists, DJ’s and many more, the wedding was planned minute by minute and was the beginning of an immersive, luxury and elegant wedding story together with 300 RSVPS.

At a very unique location in Cascais, the bride and groom’s vision of their most important occasion was a fairy-tale once, but came to life in December.

The Sagai and Sangeet

The first day, December 6, was a beautiful, quiet and sunny day where the preparations for the Sagai and the Sageet were made since the early mornings led by Claudia Gameiro and her professional team of wedding planners and employees together with the remarkable members of the venue’s team.

The Sagai, a pre-marrige ritual, was held by the infinity pool of the venue with a beautiful décor created by our exclusive florists. An arch with beautiful flowers in the colours of the ritual was the background of this amazing first ceremony. The ritual entails the official ‘asking’ of the bride’s hand by the bridegroom’s family. A beautiful ceremony took place in the open air with a clear blue sky and a beautiful golden sunlight and was the beginning of a promising 3-days event. After the ceremony, the guests were invited for the coffee station where typical Portuguese and Indian sweets were served.

In the evening of December 6, an Indian buffet meal was served for 300 guests. In the middle of the path, Lisbon Wedding Planner created tables with gifts, food and sweets beautifully decorated in the style of the Sangeet in detail. The tables were set up and decorated one by one with amazing flower centrepieces, candles and fairy lights.

However, as simple as a dinner sounds, with Indian Weddings there’s always something slightly different. Before the dinner is opened, the bride and the groom make an extraordinary entrance with an opening dance which is kind of an invitation for the Sangeet after dinner.

The Sangeet is the moment where the party really begins. This celebration includes dances performed by relatives and friends of the bride and groom and connects the two families.

The Sangeet was decorated by a huge wall with greenery, beautiful flowers and a swing matching the theme. The flowers were a scene of love, happiness and joy and was the eyecatcher of the evening!

The Mandwa, Pithi and Mendhi

The second day, December 7, was also a sunny and warm day. The morning existed out of another ceremonies, the Mandwa, which took place in different conference rooms, decorated by our florists and partners, for many hours. For this part of the wedding, it is common and ritual that the groom and bride take this separately in the presence of the family. In this ritual the priest prays together with the family to Lord Ganesh, the Hindu God who is believed to remove all obstacles and seek his divine blessing. The priest performed the Puja. During the ceremony, guests are allowed to enter and leave the room whenever they prefer. A coffee station was always at the guest’s disposal for drinks and canapés.

After the Mandwa ceremony the following ceremony, the Pithi, came to live. The Pithi is a celebration of love and happiness for the ones who are getting married and is celebrated with both families. It entails rubbing a yellow paste on the bride and groom’s face, hands and legs. The Pithi was held at the half-covered terrace of the location and was decorated with flowers and greenery in the yellow style of the ceremony. A lovely arch with flowers was the centrepiece of the ceremony and the sunset enhanced the beauty of the day.

After the Pithi, the organizational process moved to another stunning location of the venue where the Mehndi would take place. Mendhi, otherwise known as henna, is a paste associated with positive spirits and good luck. The Mendhi, as the ritual commands, was held the night before the actual wedding took place. The Mendhi ceremony wishes the bride good health and prosperity as she makes her journey on to marriage.

The Mendhi turned out to be a phenomenal evening accompanied with good Indian food, amazing decorations, good music for a great party and beautiful people dressed in the most exclusive and elegant Sari’s and dresses and suits.

The Ceremony

The last and most important day, December 8, was all about the actual wedding ceremony where the bride and groom became husband and wife. The day turned out to be a little bit rainy and dusty, but that made no difference in the beauty of the set up.

The ceremony took place at the Driving Range of the golf course and the road towards the stage was really breath-taking. A long path of flower arrangements was the road towards the bride’s love of her life, but before we come to that point, another special ritual is worth discussing.

In the Indian culture it is common that the bride’s family receives the groom’s family at the ceremony. The groom is put on a horse and the parade with smoke bombs in different colours, songs and drummers led the way towards the Driving Range. The groom is welcomed by the bride’s family and at that point, the moment where everybody was looking forward to, has finally come: the bride’s entrance!

As mentioned above, the flower path led the bride towards the groom and a wonderful wedding ceremony started and the marriage was a fact.

Lisbon Wedding Planner was extremely thankful to organize this amazing Indian Wedding at this unique location with all the collaborating partners. Where the wedding once was just a dream, an imagination and a draft eventually became reality and above expectations.

The organizational process, time management and eye for detail are qualities and specialties of Lisbon Wedding Planner which made this wedding one to never forget.

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