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Indian Style Decoration Ideas for a Wedding in Portugal

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

Lisbon Weddin Planner Portugal introduces you several Indian Style Decoration Ideas for a Wedding in Portugal. When you think of an Indian wedding what comes to your mind straight away? Those divine color combinations or perhaps the beautiful drapes that decorate the mandap?

And what about the amazing fresh flowers that are present thought the all different Indian wedding ceremonies and the either in flower arrangements or just in ling vibrant flower garlands. Discover with Lisbon Wedding Planner all the Indian Style Decoration Ideas for a Wedding in Portugal.

Indian Hindu Style Decoration Ideas for a Wedding in Portugal

The Wedding Check List

So first of all, if your are in some way involved in the planning and decoration of an Indian wedding in Portugal make your self prepared with a complete check list. All the items and all the details must appear in the wedding check list for that perfect wedding decoration that all true Hindu weddings must have. Lisbon Wedding Planner is used to decorate Indian weddings and when time comes, the wedding decoration check list is there!

Budget keeps you on track

Second but not least important is the budget, and that is the hard part, when you start imagining all that you can do, all that you have seen and just find your self in some exuberant dream of what you envision of how you want your Indian wedding to be… Well thought and wiseness are two things that get really well together when planning Indian weddings in Portugal. And then again comes the check list, go through all the items and details that you would like to have in your wedding decoration and let Lisbon Wedding Planner assist you and advise you. They have an extensive list of professional suppliers that can cater for your indian wedding decoration. And sometimes when the budget doesn’t let you dream just let your imagination flow and good ideas with simple objects or flowers can make the difference!

Colors bring coherence and Harmony

An Indian wedding decoration planning starts with coherence and harmony, here steps the color palette. Color is the most eye catching element in Hindu weddings in Portugal, color makes it stand out of the ordinary and most importantly, it represents and communicates the couples personality. But still from Lisbon Wedding Planner experience red and gold are extensively the most used colors, being red a traditional color and gold to embrace opulence, accent colors are used to make it more dynamic and eye catching. You can find colors in the drapery, the pillows, the couches, the flowers but what for really color in indian weddings had a all other lever is for the brides wedding attire! Luxurious textiles, elegant and fine embroidery and plenty of jewelry cover the bride.

Draperies make a stand

A Indian wedding is filled with drapery, you can find it in small sets or in the mandap. Bur really have you seen a wedding mandap with drapery? Lisbon wedding planner has several examples of the usage of this elegant and bold element in Indian weddings in Portugal. Whether in the wedding ceremony, or along the corridor passage, in a special corner or in a facade to make a stand. The usage is endless and in Indian weddings its never too much. Once again color brings harmony and coherence, so its always a good idea to make usage of the wedding palette color.​

Flowers, flowers, flowers

What else can be said about flowers? Especially in Hindu weddings? Flowers add color and bring all the wedding decoration elements together. With bold colors or soft colors, they always bring elegance and make a statement, whether for its simplicity or for their opulence. You can find them in the baraat horse, in the mandap, in flower necklaces, along the drapery, in corridors, in the wedding cocktail, wedding ceremony, they can be everywhere. Once again make use of that precious check list, its a life saver.

Mandap! Where all the singnificant rituals are performed

They are mandatory in Hindu wedding ceremonies, the four pillar structure with the drapery with bold or soft colors, flowers to match from top to bottom, or in just some sections. This is where all the significant rituals like Saat Phere, Kanyadaan, Maang baharai etc are performed in front of both side families and friends. Carpets, couches, pillows, flower garlands, lights the options are endless. Be sure to think carefully when choosing all the elements and but most importantly still respecting tradition. Lisbon Wedding Planner is at your disposal, whether to help you planning your Hindu wedding in Portugal and/or to take care of your indian wedding decoration, coordinating all the best wedding suppliers in Portugal.

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