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Mehndi in Portugal

Updated: Aug 24, 2020

At Lisbon Wedding Planner, we love Mehndi ceremonies, and we would love to organize your Mehndi in Portugal. We have several options when it comes to organizing your Mehndi in Portugal, however, for those who do not know, we will first explain exactly what is Mehndi.

Mehndi is a beautiful and traditional indian ceremony in which henna is applied to the bride and the other woman in her bridal party the day or a few days before the wedding ceremony itself. The henna applied to the bride is extremely intricate, and has several meanings behind it. The way the ceremony is conducted varies depending on the indian origin of the bride and groom.

Your Mehndi in Portugal can be organized in a private wedding venue, an hotel or the Hindu temple. This depends on your preference. Each brides wants it done in a different way, and we at Lisbon Wedding Planner are open to all suggestions for your Mehndi in Portugal.

We have organized several ceremonies of Mehndi in Portugal, and therefore we will be more than pleased to organize your Mehndi in Portugal as well. Indian food, is usually served in several locations moreover Lisbon Wedding Planner has perfect knowledge of the best Indian caterers operating in Portugal.

With our experience and talent, and your vision and imagination, we are sure to offer you only the best when it comes to your Mehndi in Portugal! Contact us now, and together, let's organize the most magnificent Mehndi in Portugal, especially for your Indian Wedding in Portugal.

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