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5 tips for your destination wedding in Portugal

Having a destination wedding in Portugal? Lisbon Wedding Planner would like to share 5 tips for your destination wedding in Portugal! Contact us now!

It is hard to believe but, marrying away from home used to be a middle-age version of tying the knot. Was the only way to marry without the family approval.

Fortunately destination weddings are way too different nowadays, and it’s a way to ensure your wedding day is totally your heart and soul.

A destination wedding in Portugal can involve a lovely trip for you two or an handful of family and friends to constitute a week-long family reunion.

We would like to share the best five wedding tips for a successful destination wedding in Portugal:

1. Pay for an open bar with no limitation on the drinks served. Your friends will get really impressed and you will not spend much. Open bar in Portugal is usually based on all you can drink policy. Hotels and venues wedding menus include frequently an open bar.

2. Portugal is one of the most budget wedding destination. Portugal is in the Eurozone, although we are ranked in the cheapest city break in Western Europe with an excellent service to offer. We have ballrooms, ocean views, countryside, whatever you dreamed for a very fair price with a great bónus: THE SUN.

3. Lisbon Airport is located inside the city so transportation costs to the venues and hotels are usually very inexpensive. A taxi or uber to the city center will cost 10 euros approximately.

4. Book one year to six month in advance:

Popular venues get booked quickly from May to October, so if you are not flexible with the dates, Lisbon Wedding Planner highly recommend you to book one year in advance. If you are able to organize your wedding during the weekdays, six months are usually enough.

5. You can buy superb Portuguese wines really inexpensively. Your wedding will be served with great wines without limitation on the quantity served.

You want something private, family environment, with quality and on a budget? Choose destination wedding in Portugal! It’s less expensive, private and you can enjoy a family and friends vacation. Have kids? Let's hope for some bonding during the vacation time ;)

Still trying to find reasons to get married in Portugal?

Contact Lisbon Wedding Planner for your wedding in Portugal. Lisbon Wedding Planner offers you amazing stress free WEDDING PACKAGES and WEDDING CELEBRANTS.

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