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Bright Pops Of Color Decor For Your Wedding In Portugal

Updated: May 10, 2020

Bright colors are often associated with spring and summer weddings, do not limit your wedding decor to pastel nor neutral colors! Be brave!

Raise your hand if you would love to POP your wedding in Portugal with amazing Bright colors! If your hands are raised this blog post is for you!

You can have beautiful vibrant colours in your wedding in Portugal! All year! Not only in if you book your wedding in spring or summer months.

Check out these refreshing Bright color wedding ideas that will WOW your guests and make your Destination Wedding in Portugal just POP of color

Rock with your Bright & Vibrant Wedding Bouquet

If you’ve been following recent wedding trends, you know that Bright Vibrant Color Wedding Bouquets are a must! Rocking that bright pink, yellow, blue, red …. mix of bright color wedding bouquets with your wedding dress will POP in any wedding photo you take. See some of our last year’s wedding bouquets below.

Bright Color flowers in your Hair Look

Make your hair style bright with fresh and different colours. This simple detail will add some blooms to your bridal hair look! Just ask your florist to save a few extra flowers to add the pop of Bright color in your hair.

Add a touch of Bright Color to your Wedding Outfits

We love a good vibrant and full of colour pant, tie, or dress pattern! We love bright colors in the groom suit or the bridesmaids matching dresses that light up all the wedding vibes. If you want to add a touch of these elements to your wedding day look, there is no better country than sunny Portugal.

Wedding centrepieces: Bright Pops of Color

It’s a great opportunity to escape boring white and pastel wedding centrepieces. Be creative! Bright floral wedding centrepieces are fun, transmit positive vibes to your wedding guests and your wedding photographers will love that bright color contrast!

We hope these ideas have left you feeling BRIGHT, inspired you and refreshed you when it comes to planning your destination wedding in Portugal!

Check out our Bright Pop of Color Wedding Album below or in our Pinterest Link:

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