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Monserrate Wedding Ceremony

When it comes to your Monserrate Wedding Ceremony, there are several of different options that you can choose from. Remember, your wedding ceremony is the most romantic and formal moment of your destination wedding in Portugal, and therefore you want your Monserrate Wedding Ceremony to be absolutely perfect. However, do not worry too much, as choosing Monserrate Palace as the Location for your Monserrate Wedding Ceremony was already one of the best choices you could have made.

As you know, you can host your Monserrate Wedding Ceremony in the Music Room of the Monserrate Palace. Everything about the Music Room is more than stunning. First off, you have a one of the most beautiful aisles in the world that lead up to the Music Room where you will have your Monserrate Wedding Ceremony. This aisle is very long, and decorated with marble, golden, and extremely intricate details all over. Not only providing you with the greatest entrance of all times, this aisle will also provide you with some of the most amazing pictures ever, of your Monserrate Wedding Ceremony.

Once you have walked down the gorgeous aisle, you will have entered the Music Room. With a one of a kind dome, filled with intricate golden details and marble, your guests will not know where to look at; you or the dome. In all seriousness, the dome is able to take anyone's breath away, and provides the couple with the perfect fairytale touch to their Monserrate Wedding Ceremony. Another great feature of the Music Room is that in its round shape, it is fully surrounded by large windows, that allow the pure and astonishing nature laying outside, to come into the beautiful room. Therefore, even though you are indoors, you will still feel like you are getting married outdoors during your Monserrate Wedding Ceremony.

After your Monserrate Wedding Ceremony is over, your guests can go outside and be served a delicious wedding cocktail, in the beautiful Monserrate Palace gardens. Even though all options end up with an outdoor cocktail, you also have other choices when it comes to where you want to host your Monserrate Wedding Ceremony.

If you would like to save the beauty of the Music Room for your wedding reception, you can have your wedding ceremony in one of the lateral rooms of the

. Although these lateral rooms are not as astonishing as the Music Room, it might be a good idea to save the magic of the Music Room for your wedding reception, however this is up to the couple.

Another option, would be to host your Monserrate Wedding Ceremony outdoors in the gardens. With beautiful and well groomed gardens, this outdoor option is not only more than on trend, it would also allow you to save the Music Room for dinner. However this depends on if the couples believe that their Monserrate Wedding Ceremony is the most important part of their destination wedding in Portugal or not. Although, you can rest assured, as no matter where you choose to host your Monserrate Wedding Ceremony, the whole Monserrate Palace is absolutely stunning, so it will be more than perfect anyway.

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