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Forte da Cruz Marquee for Large Luxury Wedding Events in Portugal

Updated: Jun 8, 2023

A wildly romantic setting right on top of the Tamariz Beach, the Forte da Cruz castle offers the

ultimate luxury wedding venue in Estoril, Portugal bedecked with panache and elegance. This

venue is suitable for whatever style and size of your wedding events and can offer the perfect day

tailored to your personal requirements.

Forte da Cruz Wedding Portugal

Forte da Cruz Wedding Portugal

The Forte da Cruz marquee is the new addition to Portugal beach weddings. As no two days by

the ocean are the same, marquee beach weddings are exclusively special. Climate, waves, and

tide all contribute to gorgeous sea views, which becomes part of your day.

Forte da Cruz wedding Tables portugal

Forte da Cruz Wedding Tables portugal

Jessica Wedding Photos

The Forte da Cruz marquee is large and clear offering stunning garden and sea views. It’s ideal

for large wedding events of up to 500 seated guests. Unlike many styles of marquee, this venue

marquee allows you to enjoy the setting and have an ever-changing seashore backdrop all day.

The clear windows can be rolled up during the day if the climate is favorable or remain down

without interrupting the ocean view. The clear roof also allows the light to flood into the marquee

placing you in the heart of the landscape.

Forte da Cruz Wedding Portugal

Jessica Wedding Photos

This venue marquee is also secure. It is made of a quality material that can withstand strong

winds and provide security to ensure that you will be comfortable inside if a breeze picks up.

When it comes to venue decoration, there is no right style for decorating your wedding marquee.

The floor of this marquee is covered with a white carpet. This property also has necessities such

as dance floors, entertainment lighting, sound system, chill-out areas, dressing room as well as

toilet facilities. The table layout may include long rows of wooden trestle tables or round tables,

beautiful wooden chairs, and flower decorations.

Forte da Cruz Wedding Portugal

Forte da Cruz Wedding Portugal

Whatever your wedding style is, you and your guests are guaranteed fun at Forte da Cruz

wedding marquee. You can contact our in-house wedding planners who will help you throughout

your wedding process. Select the suitable wedding package that suits your guest list and leave

the rest to our experienced team.

Forte da Cruz Wedding Disco Portugal

Enjoy the stunning beauty of this enchanting venue, flawless service offered by highly

experienced wedding planners and friendly catering service team, and award winning cuisine. By

getting married at Forte da Cruz, your magical day will be full of memories to cherish.

Forte da Cruz Large Events Portugal

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