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Mehendi at Forte da Cruz Portugal - Neha and Scott

Updated: May 24

Mehendi at Forte da Cruz Portugal - Neha and Scott

Venue: Forte da Cruz Portugal

Planner: Lisbon Wedding Planner

The Mehendi ceremony comprises of the application of ‘henna’ a paste made from henna plant and other ingredients on the hands and feet of the bride as well as other women in the bride’s and groom’s wedding party.

The henna is applied in intricate designs on the hands and feet and other body areas that the bride desires. The designs can be floral with peacock motifs or be minimalistic. Sometimes, the initials of the groom are also written into the designs and the groom has to search for the initials after the wedding is over. This aspect was regarded as an ice breaker for the bride and groom who had an arranged marriage.

In the olden days, women of the house used to apply henna on the bride. However, now the mehendi is applied by professionals who have thousands of designs that the bride can choose from! After the application of henna, after care instructions need to be followed so that it produces the right results. Once the henna dries out, it can be washed. And lo and behold, the bright red designs adorn the hands and feet of the bride! It is said that the darker and deeper are the colors of the mehendi, the more love will the bride receive at the in-laws home.

Besides the application of henna, the Mehendi ceremony also consists of singing and dancing. Women will play varied musical instruments, especially the dholak and sing joyous songs about the future happy life that the bride will get. Food is also served for the guests as the ceremony tends to last for the entire day.

A Hindu Indian destination wedding in Portugal cannot be complete without the Mehendi ceremony. Lisbon Wedding Planner is the best wedding planner in Portugal for the perfect Hindu destination wedding in the country. It has extensive experience in successfully carrying out many Hindu Indian destination weddings in Portugal, which include varied ceremonies and rituals like the Mehendi and Sangeet ceremonies, thereby ensuring that the dream wedding is truly a celebration of love in the joyous company of family and friends!

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