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Indian Wedding in Portugal Mehendi at Forte da Cruz

Updated: May 24

Indian Weddings are always colorful and happy and the fusion between the Indian wedding colors and the historical side of Forte da Cruz worked really well. Neha and Scott celebrated their Indian Wedding in Portugal with Mehendi at Forte da Cruz Wedding Venue in Portugal. Today LISBON WEDDING PLANNER will share some of the greatest moments of the Mehendi Party.

The elected colors to decorate Forte da Cruz were purple, fushia and pink. The terraces and the arches were ornamented with colorful fabrics to set the mood for the cocktail hour. The deep blue of the sky and the ocean matched perfectly with the color palette chosen by the Couple.

The Forte da Cruz Wedding Venue in Portugal is an impressive venue, located in Estoril. Oceanfront and beachfront, overlooking the ocean and the sunset Forte da Cruz is the perfect venue in Portugal. Please find more information about Forte da Cruz with LISBON WEDDING PLANNER 

Credits: Venue: Forte da Cruz Wedding Planner: Lisbon Wedding Planner 

Wedding Design: Lisbon Wedding Planner  Flowers: My Wedding Flowers Portugal 

Photos: Lisbon Wedding Planner

Catering: Penha Longa Catering 

We apologize if we missed any Credit, but please contact us. 


Wedding Design: Lisbon Wedding Planner 

Catering: Penha Longa We apologize if we missed any Credit, but please contact us.  

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