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All Things Rose for your Wedding Cocktail in Portugal

For your destination wedding in Portugal, you have to think of the drinks you will be serving at your wedding cocktail in Portugal. That is exactly why we came up with the All Things Rose for your wedding cocktail in Portugal. Rose is not only extremely trendy at the moment, it will also provide quite the decoration and entertainment for your guests during the cocktail hour. Of course, that according to your color scheme, you can use other different colors for your wedding cocktails. However, we have decided to go for the elegant, classy, and trendy Rose. Read below our list of All Things Rose for your wedding cocktail in Portugal and try a few of these at home before the big day!

1. Sangria Maria

During your destination wedding in Portugal it will be extremely hot, so why not serve a Sparkling Rose Sangria with all things berry. Not only does this drinks look amazing, it tastes incredbile, and at the same time it is extremely refreshing. Perfect to make your guests feel light, summery and breezy for your destination wedding in Portugal.

2. Ice Ice Baby

Why not twist around the conventional drinks, and serve Rose Ice Pops with black berries. Extremely easy to makes, these Ice Pops will provide great excitement to those attending your destination wedding in Portugal. Not to mention that your wedding cocktail will have this very original and unique touch that is hard to see elsewhere.

3. Beauty In One Glass

The secret recipe to beauty in one glass, is litteraly just Seltzer, Rose and edible flowers. Add in a few refreshing ice cubes, and you've got yourself a drink capable of making anyone jealous. Edible flowers in drinks are definitely super trendy at the moment, allowing you to stay on trend yet serve great and refreshing drinks for your destination wedding in Portugal cocktail hour.

4. Blackberry Bellini is Berry Beautiful

Sparkling Rose, crushed blackberries, vodka, lemon juice and caster sugar is all that is needed to create the most refreshing, creative, and beautiful berrytastic drinks for your wedding cocktail in Portugal. Your guests will feel refreshed, glamorous and classy whilst sipping on this magic potion.

5. Riske Rose

A pink drink, with an edge, for an edgy pink wedding! Sound perfect? For us it sure does! All you need for this riske rose wedding cocktail drink is Rose, raspberry vodka, pink lemonade, and to top of this one of a kind wedding coktail masterpiece, all you need is a maraschino cherry!

6. A Delicate Rose

For a modest, elegant wedding cocktail drink, you can serve something quite original! Perfect for those who are a bit shy, yet love a good and sophisticaded drink, the Delicate Rose wedding cocktail drink is ideal for your destination wedding in Portugal. Choose a delicate Rose, mix it with Rosewater, a dash of lime juice, and decorate the cup with rose petals, to create an elegance that is unmatched elsewhere.

7. Gin Lovers

For those who love Gin, why not serve Rose wine with Gin, lime juice and lime zest. This alternative drink, is the right choice for those wanting something that is cripser, yet still refreshing. Who knew that Rose with Gin would go well? Well they are indeed a match made in heaven, that should definitely have a place at your wedding cocktail for your destination wedding in Portugal.

8. Bourbon & Rose

For this wedding cocktail drink you must choose a Ripe Rose Wine. Mix it with Bourbon Whiskey, smooth orange juice,and garnish it with an orange wedge to create a manly version of a very sweet and refreshing wedding cocktail, for your destination wedding in Portugal.

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