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Book a last minute elopement in Portugal amid COVID-19

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

Last minute elopement in Portugal amid COVID-19

Portugal was quicker to take measures to combat COVID-19 and now is one of the top rankings of countries to live and visit after this pandemic according to Forbes Magazine.

Portugal took the necessary measures and it is today out of lockdown and in soft opening mode.

Most events have been canceled or postponed in Portugal, amid the COVID-19 pandemic including weddings.

Stay-at-home rules have changed many wedding plans being put on hold around the world. Portugal was no different.

However with lockdown and must time to spear, couples started to be creative with their wedding too.

The idea of canceling or postponing for many couples would not work!

So many decide to change their plans, not their story.

They booked a last minute elopement in Portugal!

Portugal is The Best Place to Get Married in Europe After Covid19

An elopement wedding in Portugal would make the best of the situation in this case and would still maintain the rules of social distancing and no large gatherings demand by COV-19.

The couples would not have to worry about the safety of their family and friends and could do their destination wedding in Portugal.

Brides and grooms could still dress up for their special wedding day and have a professional wedding photographer to capture their love in Portugal.

From empty beaches alongside the Lisbon Coast, uncrowded historical squares by the Tejo River, or Portuguese private villas, the couples would have many backdrops to chose for their elopement in Portugal.

Quinta do Torneiro a historical Portuguese villa in Lisbon was been one of the most wanted venues to elope. See all the reasons below why you should book your elopement for two in this place.

With the borders starting to be open and the air traffic being reestablished, Portugal is the destination to book for a last-minute elopement wedding.

If you are missing Portugal and looking to have your elopement wedding in the 3rd safest European country just take a look at our #Can’tSkipHope Video and you can remember the best of Portugal.


Quinta do Torneiro is an 18th-century manor house brimming with secular Portuguese tiles and big outdoor gardens. You find in this venue the true essence of Portugal is just a few square meters.

For your elopement in Portugal, you will not find a better option that combines indoor or outdoor weddings - from the secular rooms to the magnificent gardens.

This venue - Quinta do Torneiro provides you with an all-inclusive elopement package for two or four people. The package will include ceremony set up, wedding bouquet, professional photographer and to finish a treat of egg tarts and Portuguese wine. You can still share with your friends and family your elopement in Portugal through Instagram or other ways of streaming. The team Lisbon Wedding Planner will assist you with the booking and planning of your elopement at Quinta do Torneiro.

Book now your last minute elopement in Portugal!

Check out Quinta do Torneiro Elopement Packages - HERE!

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