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Cadaval Palace Wedding Venue

The Cadaval wedding venue is located in the historical city of Évora, Portugal, which has been classified as a World Heritage site. The Cadaval Palace wedding venue offers several venue possibilities for those looking to get married there. From outdoor areas, to indoor areas, there are so many options for your wedding in Portugal in the Cadaval Palace wedding venue in Portugal.

The Cadaval Palace wedding venue is composed of four main areas for your wedding in Portugal. First off, The Cadaval Palace wedding venue has a church capable of having 250 spectators. The church can host weddings, family celebrations, as well as musical concerts and religious celebrations.

The church of the Cadaval Palace is absolutely stunning, and has a great altar that is absolutely perfect for elegant and royal weddings in Portugal. With traditional Portuguese tiles, and gold details, this church is not only typical Portuguese it is the incorporation of the most beautiful traditions. That Portugal has, and that will be evident during your destination wedding in Portugal.

Next, we can move to the beautiful outdoor garden. You can have 500-seated guests in this stunning outdoor garden. You can choose to have an outdoor wedding ceremony, as well as an outdoor reception, whilst surrounded by the astonishing Évora landscapes.

In the Cadaval Palace wedding venue in Portugal, one will also find a courtyard with a tent where you can dine with approximately 400 guests, however for a cocktail or conference, the capacity of the tent doubles. You will always be connected with the history and heritage of this beautiful wedding venue in Portugal.

Last but not least, the Cadaval Palace wedding venue in Portugal has a main floor that is opened to guests. Gifted with a stunning view, overlooking the Roman Temple of Diana. This wedding venue in Portugal also offers numerous interconnecting rooms, that make it possible to host small functions, or large social and cultural events, for both private and corporate clients.

The Cadaval Palace wedding venue in Portugal is fully equipped for any type of event, from backstage and service areas, to fully equipped kitchens. The Cadaval Palace also has specialized staff on hand for specific events.

At this wedding venue in Portugal, the Cadaval Palace, also has in availability several light options and a wide range of decorations, that prove to be so helpful for weddings in Portugal.

The Cadaval Palace is a precious rarity, as rarely one will find a combination of a Palace that played an important part in the Portuguese history, together with one of the most astonishing private churches, in a city classified as World Heritage.

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