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Cascais Weddings

Cascais Weddings offer a picturesque fisherman village filled with everything from paradisiacal beaches, typical architecture, quaint restaurants, varied nightlife, and one of the most famous Marinas in Portugal. Cascais is a coastal destination, filled with sun, mild temperatures, and the most stunning scenic views! From an intense cultural trip to a simple and pacific oceanfront vacation, or even an adventurous nature surrounded getaway, there is so much one can get during Cascais Weddings.

We offer you some of the best wedding venues for Cascais Weddings that can offer you all of the above. Whether you are looking for oceanfront wedding venues, or nature surrounded wedding venues, or even next to the marina wedding venues, our wedding packages are made to offer you the best wedding venues that Cascais Weddings has to offer!

In Cascais you can find the 8th most beautiful beach in the world, Guincho, which is the ideal spot for water sport junkies. And right next to Guincho, lie the most beautiful and protected sand dunes, which are perfect for Cascais Weddings photo shoots. There is so much to do during Cascais Weddings stay that we are sure neither you nor your guests will ever be bored, not even for a second.

Our Cascais Wedding Venues are mostly Cascais beachfront venues, and offer you the most beautiful beachfront venue scenarios. Cascais beachfront venues offer you a world of possibilities and the perfect setting for your destination wedding in Portugal. Cascais wedding venues are the perfect setting for a beach themed wedding. Cascais wedding venues are the perfect beach wedding hosts, especially if you choose one of our Cascais beachfront venues, which give you the necessary nautical vibes to fit perfectly with your wedding theme.

Cascais beach weddings are extremely memorable, and are sure to provide you with experiences that you will never forget. From having romantic Cascais beach weddings on the sand, to having panoramic sea views during your Cascais beach wedding reception, there is a lot on offer to fit every taste and preference. One thing we are sure of, is that Cascais Beach Weddings create wonderful moments for our couples and their guests.

Cascais Weddings have that unique mix between the urban, modern and cosmopolitan side of the town, offering you luxurious resorts and affluent restaurants, yet also balancing with the post card perfect picturesque aspect of the town, which is quite quaint, forcing you to photograph everything you see in case you might forget it later. This raw mixture between the glamorous cosmopolitan side, and the picturesque quaint town, are what makes Cascais Weddings so unique, special and remarkable.

We are more than sure that by hosting your destination wedding in Cascais, Portugal, you will have all of the aspects discussed, and you will not resent your choice. Cascais Weddings have only made couples happy over the years, and now it’s your turn! Check out our venues below, and rejoice in planning your different Cascais Weddings options!

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