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Castle Wedding in Evora

Castle weddings in Evora are absolutely gorgeous, and provide an atmosphere that is practically one of a fairytale. If you want that added romantic factor, than getting married in a castle will definitely hand that over to you. A castle wedding in Evora will not only wow your guests, it will definitely never leave your memory. It is a creative, exclusive, and unique way of hosting your destination wedding in Portugal. Yet at the same time, it will provide you with the most beautiful, stunning, wedding photos, surroundings, and wedding in itself.

Evora, the capital of the Alentejo region, is a city surrounded by ancient walls. In the middle you will find the perfect castle for your castle wedding in Evora. The alentejo surroundings are to die for, and can be seen from almost all angles of the castle. Evora also has some of the best Portuguese gastronomy, and home to the best climate in Portugal. Your castle wedding in Evora will be gifted with spectacular views, and amazing places for your wedding photoshoot.

The best part of getting married in Evora, is that the city has been conserved and maintained over the years, ensuring that you get the same feeling as you would have in the medieval times. The narrow quirky streets, the big plaza, and the gorgeous basilica, are proof of the charming qualities of Evora.

Therefore, when joining the beautiful and authentic town of Evora, with a gorgeous castle located at the center of the town, you will end up with the perfect combination of a castle wedding in Evora. If you do not want to miss this opportunity, please contact Lisbon Wedding Planner, and we will arrange everything to offer you the most astonishing and unique Castle Wedding in Evora.

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