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Get Married in Portugal

For those looking to get married in Portugal, a stunning coastal country, we have made your choice even easier by listing the Top 10 reasons on why you should get married in Portugal! Once you have read the reasons below, we are sure that you will not be able to say not to a sunshine filled, beautiful, wedding in Portugal. Get married in Portugal, and do not only live the best days of your life abroad, but also get to know a whole new exciting and thrilling culture during your destination wedding in Portugal! So start looking for your passport and get ready to read below why exactly you should get married in Portugal!

1. Landscape diversity

Portugal is a dream destination to get married in, and that is mainly because it is an extremely diverse country. Whether you like the city or the beach, modern or vintage, design or rustic there's something for everyone. You can host the wedding of your dreams in any type of landscape and take amazing pictures.

2. Location

Portugal’s location is the most western point of Europe. It is on average only 2 hours from any other European Country. You can get very low tariffs with easy jet and other low cost flights that frequently fly to Lisbon. Portugal is strategically placed to offer you the best locations for your Destination Wedding in Portugal.

3. Towns to visit

Sintra, whose historic center is a world heritage of UNESCO was recognized the most romantic village in the world. Perfect village for couple who wants a vintage wedding. With stunning palaces, astonishing nature, and incredible views everywhere you go, and it is the best place to host your engagement in Portugal. Your wedding proposal in Sintra will be extremely unique, romantic, and absolutely unforgettable.

Lisbon, the capital of Portugal, is home to a series of different national monuments like sumptuous churches, monasteries and convents where you can celebrate your religious and romantic ceremony.

For those of you who are more attached to stunning views of the sea, Cascais and Estoril, two neighboring towns on the Atlantic Ocean, are the best place to come and celebrate your wedding on ​​the beach with your family and enjoy the splendidly relaxing setting at the same time.

4. Climate

The Mediterranean climate of Portugal is ideal to get married almost every month of the year. Portugal’s climate is one of the best in Europe, as it rarely rains and in summer the average temperature is 25º. This country is the perfect place to get married, as you will surely be gifted with sun’s presence during your wedding in Portugal.

5. Gastronomy

The Portuguese gastronomy is known and appreciated by almost all who try it. Portugal owns a gastronomy as rich and varied as its landscape. From extremely fresh fish, utterly tender meat, and deliciously creamy pastries, Portugal’s culinary will prove to be more than you ever dreamed of. If you enjoy a simple grilled fish, always fresh, you are sure to be in Portugal. Because it is here that you find the best fish in the world.

6 .The scenery

One thing is for sure! Whatever your style, whatever your taste, you will find in Portugal everything you have dreamt of for the wedding of your dreams and you are guaranteed a change of scenery where you can relax and enjoy your stay.

7. Diversity of venues

These forts are also a nice decor for vintage style lovers, for a rustic wedding. But the typical houses of Portugal you can find are the Quintas, large period properties sometimes kept in the style of old. For beach lovers, many dream of rooms on the waterfront, part of which is made of glass offers a view of the ocean throughout the reception and lasting memories such as a dinner accompanied by the sunset. But also beautiful villas similar to mini castles, often by the sea, with garden and pool, the dream location for the best day of his life.

8. History

Portugal is a rich country concerning history, everywhere you look or go, you will see a building or an ancient church. You can choose to have your Destination Wedding in Portugal in a historical wedding venue as well, a stunning palace of the royal family, or in strategically placed historical forts. There are so many historical facts to discover during your stay in Portugal. Don’t miss it!

9. Architecture

From Lisbon to Cascais, you will find a lot of unforgettable architectonic buildings and monuments everywhere. There is always something to appreciate, and this is one of the things you will notice during your Destination Wedding in Portugal. Don’t forget your camera, it is an advice!

10. Cheap Country with great services

Indeed, Portugal is a country with good prices versus quality received, friendly people, and great quality and hospitality, tourists have not been able to refuse a vacation jump to Portugal. You will feel extremely well received during your stay for your Destination Wedding so what are you waiting for getting married in Portugal.

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