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Getting Married in Portugal

Treat yourself to the wonderful possibilities of the Iberian Peninsula by getting married in Portugal and select Lisbon Wedding Planner to be your planner. We are professionals at what we do and a leader in the business of destination wedding planning in Portugal. Contact us

Located in the southern part of Europe is Portugal, a coastal nation situated at the western end of the Iberian Peninsula, bordering Spain. This beautiful, peaceful and welcoming country is host to a number of prestigious destination weddings every year, providing some of the most perfect venues and finest landscapes in the world at the best prices.

Tourists who visit this amazing country are often left completely astounded by its fascinating historical architecture, including the creative picturesque designs of the city’s buildings and the accommodating nature of its people and their culture. They eventually end up returning to either celebrate their wedding ceremony or attend that of a friend whom they have shared their touring experiences with.

Portugal is blessed with favorable climate and weather conditions that’s perfect for an ideal outdoor wedding ceremony. It is characterized by a warm temperate, Mediterranean climate with a clear wet season in winter. It also offers beautiful, bright sunny days and warm cozy nights for most parts of the year, with plenty of romantic wedding venues and vendors of the utmost quality.

Getting married in Portugal is a dream come true for most couples because they get to have everything they desire of their fairy tale wedding – even the most luxurious ones, available to them at a lot lesser price than several other European countries without losing its elegance and prestige. This however boils down to choosing the right wedding planners, especially when preparing for a destination wedding where the couples live abroad and want to have their wedding in Portugal.

But that’s just part of the story, you also need to get the right refreshments that your wedding guests will enjoy – you wouldn’t want to feed your guests with food and drinks they’re not used to now would you? Luckily, Portugal boasts of several varieties of local delicacies, wines and exotic dishes which can be sourced and prepared by our expert caterers, and it is guaranteed to leave your guests grinning from cheek to cheek throughout the course of the wedding.

What’s more, there are so many options to choose from when selecting a wedding venue in Portugal, the region is literally covered with different landscapes filled with beautiful natural sceneries that adds color and breathes life into every living thing. From Mountains, to oceanfront and beach weddings, to urban and palatial weddings, we assist in providing different types of landscapes for your Portugal wedding. We are versatile, and so are the landscapes offered.

It is a great joy for us at Lisbon Wedding Planner to see satisfied couples that have employed our services for their Portugal destination weddings happily recommend us to prospective brides and grooms who also want to get married in Portugal. In our experience, we have come to realize that it is through these positive word of mouth recommendations that our email boxes have been kept buzzing and our clientele numbers increasing. Contact us now at

Over the years, we have successfully administered the various aspects of hosting multiple destination weddings in Portugal – everything from planning a bachelor or bachelorette party and arranging for the church/reception venue to selecting the best hotels and resorts for your honeymoon. Our specialized team of experts are there to take total control of the venue and catering, design and styling, hair and makeup, music and entertainment, photography and video, and everything in between.

Our professional network is also very extensive and we employ only the best hands in Lisbon who combine their skills and experience together to ensure that every wedding organized turns out to be a masterpiece event. We understand the diversity of our clientele and are happy to adapt our methods and procedures to suit the unique wishes of their customs and traditions, making their special day a memorable and fulfilling one.

It is our pleasure at Lisbon Wedding Planner to be at your service. We welcome you to Portugal and will be very happy to arrange a pre-wedding tour of the ceremony’s venue, some sampling of the wedding menu, a show of the flower decorations and an introduction to the media team. We also provide welcome drinks, post-ceremony brunches, private tours and short visits to the main areas of interest in the city for your wedding guests.

Lisbon Wedding Planner will coordinate your wedding day, offer our services – including our special ceremony packages and help you with suppliers.

The safety and security of your guests is also guaranteed as our specially trained attendants and security team actively supervise and coordinate the entire proceeding to ensure that nobody gets left out and that everybody goes back to their homes and hotels feeling happy and satisfied.

So treat yourself to the wonderful possibilities of the Iberian Peninsula by getting married in Portugal and select Lisbon Wedding Planner to be your planner.

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