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Lisbon Weddings

Lisbon Weddings are growing in popularity, due to all that attracts visitors to Lisbon. From incredible historical monuments, stunning churches, parks, and hotels, as well as trendy avenues and a thrilling nightlife, all these factors come together to provide our visitors with the most entertainment possible. Organizing Lisbon Weddings is a lot of fun as we can bring together all of the best that Lisbon has, to offer to our bride and groom.

Also some of our most extraordinary wedding venues are located in Lisbon, allowing our clients to host the most astonishing Lisbon Weddings, that make all their guests drool. From shopping, to boat riding, to history touring, to gastronomy trying, and to rooftop bar cocktail drinking, we assure you that both you and your guests will never be bored.

The best part about Lisbon Weddings, is that they are cheaper than in any other European country, and sometimes you even get more than is offered in other European countries. So basically more for less. From an open bar, to all types of decorations, and even honeymoon options, you get so much for Lisbon Weddings, and honestly for so little, that once we tell you the prices we know that you will be shocked! One thing is for sure, there is no other European country that can battle our price range, for the amount of things we offer!

Location is extremely important when looking for a wedding destination, and all Lisbon Weddings benefit from this. Only 2-hours from any other major european capital, in Lisbon you can catch low-cost flights to any other city in Europe. The Lisbon Airport is located just a 5 minute car ride away from the city center, or you can catch the metro, yet all guests will be able to easily attend Lisbon Weddings in Portugal!

The Hotels we find for Lisbon Weddings are also incredible, and capable of fitting all of your guests. With a princess bridal suite, and all other comforts needed for you to decompress before your wedding, there are several 5 star hotels which are perfect for our clients to relax before their Lisbon Weddings.

However, if you still have some doubt on why Lisbon Weddings are great, you can read our 5 top reasons why to host Lisbon Weddings below, and you'll soon discover why it is so different compared to the rest of the world! As almost all of our clients, we assure you that you will also not regret having chosen to host Lisbon Weddings for destination wedding in Portugal!

5 Reasons Why to Host Lisbon Weddings:

History- Portugal is a place that is full of history that can be evidenced through sightseeing, through our people, and through our architecture. A Lisbon Wedding is always influenced by Portugal’s unique historic touch, and therefore are always extremely diverse and full of creativity.

Prices- Your Lisbon Wedding will be cheaper than any other city wedding, and therefore you can get a lot more for a lot less! This keeps your Lisbon wedding budget on point, and within your possibilities.

Location- Lisbon is a city that is close to everything and our different venues are all in prime locations, allowing you to have easy access to all the main areas of interest. This is extremely helpful during Lisbon weddings, and is definitely great for your guests as well.

Landscape- From Mountains, to oceanfront and beach weddings, to urban and palatial weddings, our company offers all types of different landscapes for your Lisbon Wedding. We are versatile, and so are the landscapes offered.

Culture- Lisbon’s culture is evident in every street corner, and you will only learn more by engaging with the city everyday. Your Lisbon Wedding will be touched by this culture and therefore become this exotic yet elegant affair that everyone wants a piece of!

5 Must Dos during Lisbon Weddings:

Visit Guincho Beach- Guincho Beach was voted the 8th most beautiful beach in the world, therefore we always advise people to go take a look during their Lisbon Wedding.

Sightsee around Lisbon- There is so much to see in Lisbon, and therefore you can count on a whole day of touristy fun during your Lisbon Wedding.

Eat a Pastel de Nata in Belém - A famous Portuguese treat that many clients order for their Lisbon Wedding.

Visit Sintra and the Fairytaile Palaces and Castles - Sintra is the definition of romance, and will definitely set the mood for your Lisbon Wedding.

Swim in our stunning beaches- Discover our paradisiacal beaches and definitely don’t miss out on a good swim! After their Lisbon Wedding, clients love to do so!

5 Photo Ideas for any Wedding in Lisbon:

Guincho Beach and the Sand Dunes- Right next to Guincho lay the most gorgeous sand dunes, that are perfect for bridal photo shoots for your Lisbon Weddings Prepare yourself for perfect images and unforgettable moments!

Sintra and the Mystical Forest- Sintra is surrounded by thick mystical woods that contrast really nicely with bridal attire in wedding pictures! These woods have been hosts to many photo shoots from Lisbon Wedding.

Tower of Belém- An icon of history, and absolutely stunning during sunsets, this tower has been many couple’s choice as the photo shoot location during their Lisbon Wedding in Portugal.

The Lighthouse- In Cascais there is a beautiful blue and white striped lighthouse, which is the perfect setting choice for a nautical Lisbon Wedding. With the lighthouse behind, you will create great photo opportunities!

Marechal Carmona Park- If you wish for a more picnic styled shoot, with Portuguese tiles, and bright greenery surroundings then this Park is the right place for your photo shoot. Located in Cascais, many couples have chosen this as their photography setting for their Lisbon Wedding.

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