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Red Decor Flowers & Ideas for Your Wedding in Portugal

Updated: May 10, 2020

Get “REDY” for the best wedding theme decorations ideas and inspirations for the color red.

Red wedding dresses, red roses, red dhalias, red bouquets, red wedding reception decor - all these flowers will match! Red Ruby, Red Burgundy, Red Wine, Red Marsala, Pinky Red.

Our flag is partly RED and our Red Wine is great! Come on! One of the most famous colors in Portugal is Red. One of the most important days in modern Portuguese history was the Red Carnation Revolution, a military coup that took place on April 25, 1974.

If there is one wedding color your guests will not forget and that will make your wedding in Portugal, stand out, it will be Red. Get inspired with our best red wedding decor ideas and flowers for your special day!

Get inspired with our best red wedding decor ideas and flowers for your special day!


Your Wedding has a red theme that needs some matching bridesmaid red dresses. After all red is a romantic colour and very flattering that will make your bridal party look their absolute best on your wedding day.


Always a WOW bouquet – a red bridal wedding bouquet. You can ask your florist to use classic red roses, red peonies or mix any red flower with greenery. A red bridal bouquet will truly pop against your white wedding dress and mark your wedding photos.


The red colour can be applied as a single colour for your wedding flower centrepieces but can also be beautifully paired with a wide range of colour while providing the vibrant wedding theme you dreamed. Variations of gold, burgundy, dusty pink, cream and neutral colour join with touches of red flowers will make an exciting wedding colour palette scheme.

For some couples’ red is a no no color. For others, Red is all they want in their wedding decoration or on their special wedding details.

Find out with us Lisbon Wedding Planner your best wedding color scheme for your wedding in Portugal. Book us for your destination wedding!

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