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Sintra Weddings

Updated: Jul 5, 2020

Sintra Weddings offer the couple a romance that is unbeatable, due to its location, surroundings, and gorgeous romantic feel at every corner. Due to the picture perfect scenarios, to a quaint olden aged town, and some of the most gorgeous monuments, many desire Sintra Weddings.

We have several Sintra wedding venues that eradicate the romantic feeling, which is perfect for Sintra Weddings. Sintra weddings are filled with nature, scenic views, and romance. Mostly due to the gorgeous architecture, and the raw nature surroundings, the romance in Sintra Weddings is evident. If you dream of a fairytale wedding, then there is nothing better than to choose a destination wedding in Sintra.

From exotic palaces with gothic architecture, and romanticism age palaces, to vintage manors from the 1800s, there are so many gorgeous Sintra wedding venues that you can discover for your destination wedding in Sintra. Sintra weddings are usually gifted with a mystical touch that is hard to find elsewhere, which is what makes them so unique. Creating wonderful photo opportunities, you will not want to miss the chance to host your destination wedding in Sintra.

Monserrate Wedding Palace is the icon of Sintra and one of the most beautiful venues in Portugal - Check the Wedding Packages

Our Sintra Wedding Venues are all decorated according to their time period and therefore, create a very unique and original atmosphere for both you and your guests. From having a BoHo chic wedding, a vintage wedding, a circus themed wedding, or even an elegant or luxurious wedding, all is possible in Sintra Weddings. Each of our Sintra wedding venues is adaptable to your preference, creating the most unique and whimsical Sintra Weddings, for your destination wedding in Portugal.

Around our Sintra wedding venue areas, there are also several touristic points that you will not want to miss whilst here. Giving you, your family and your friends the chance of meeting Portugal’s capital of romance up front. You will also be amazed at the amount of traditional and delicious restaurants scattered around this area, allowing clients to organize Rehearsal Dinners in only the best places for Sintra Weddings.

Sintra Weddings will offer you a whole new world of discoveries that you will love and cherish forever. From your stunning wedding day to all of the other activities offered on the other days, you will be sure to love hosting your destination wedding in Portugal, in the magical town of Sintra.

Please check our featured venues for Sintra Weddings in Portugal below:

3. Arriba by the Sea

Real Wedding - Ceremony at Monserrate Palace & Reception at Pena Palace in Sintra Portugal

Real Wedding at The Quinta - My Vintage Wedding in Portugal

Real Wedding at Pena Palace in Sintra Portugal

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