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Wedding Bouquets

Brides usually refer to wedding bouquets, as the reflectors of their personalities. They believe that the wedding bouquet is the image of the bride, and therefore since it is one of the most photographed objects, it has to be absolutely stunning!

And just because we know how severely important wedding bouquets are for our brides, we here at Lisbon Wedding Planner have found the best wedding bouquet designer in the whole of Portugal, who will surely create one of the most astonishing bouquets especially for you.

We would like to introduce you to My Wedding Flowers Portugal! From simple and elegant wedding bouquets, to wild and eclectic, to pinterest dignified, or vintage wedding bouquets, My Wedding Flowers Portugal, are able to create absolute masterpieces when it comes to wedding bouquets and flower arrangements!

Our brides, at Lisbon Wedding Planner, are always so pleased with the My Wedding Flowers Portugal creations, and are often found glowing in their wedding pictures when posing with their wedding bouquets.

We advise our brides to pick a color scheme, and bouquet style, when choosing their wedding bouquets. If you have a mood board, a pinterest account, or any other place where you can find inspiration, send us a link and we will pass it onto My Wedding Flowers Portugal, for them to do your wedding bouquet as you please!

We know how important it is to have the perfect wedding bouquet, however sometimes coming from far away for your destination wedding in Portugal, makes it hard to know who the best suppliers and vendors are! Therefore, throughout this blog you will find us handing you some tips and great supplier choices, to ensure that your wedding runs smoothly and to perfection, with everything that you had envisioned!

Whether you are searching for the right wedding bouquet makers, or the perfect wedding dress, the absolutely need-to-marry-here wedding venues, or the scrumptiously delicious wedding packages filled with all of the necessary wedding features, you will find all of the above and more at Lisbon Wedding Planner's blog!!

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