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Your Perfect Beach Wedding with Lisbon Wedding Planner

Dia Duit and Fàilte/ Hello and Welcome! Your Perfect Beach Wedding with Lisbon Wedding Planner - Looking to plan your perfect beach wedding? Then look no further, as Lisbon Wedding Planner is here to guide and help you with every step of the way to enjoying your perfect day by the sea.

After experiencing a beach wedding for the first time it had led me to tears, happy ones of course! With Lisbon Wedding Planners excellent team of planners and organisers, you are sure to have an unforgettable day. If you are looking to have a Vintage Wedding, but still want to have that beach ceremony you have always dreamed of then Lisbon Wedding Planner will provide that for you. With one of Portugal’s best beaches to perform a wedding, Adraga beach is located only 10 minutes from The Quinta. Surrounded by cliffs and a beautiful arch, where the ceremony can take place, it guarantees beautiful photographs as a result. When you think of the beach you can always seem to associate it with some of the following; freedom, relaxation, beauty, fun, LIFE! Therefore, holding your ceremony on the beach will become a memory you will treasure forever.

The Bride and Groom for our last beach ceremony had decided they wanted sunflowers for their main flower, which was included at the ends of all the rows of chairs and on the canopy. The ceremony took place in front of the arch, which is located just at the water. My mind was blown away. It was everything I had ever imagined but better! Getting the opportunity to watch two people say their vows to each other, surrounded my friends and family on the beach was just fascinating. Just look at it this way, if you close your eyes, and imagine you are on the beach right now, listen to the sounds of the waves crashing against the cliffs, the tide coming in and going back out, the sound of seagulls flying around, the feeling of warm sand coming between your toes… Now imagine you are there with all your family and friends marrying your true love, sounds amazing am I right? Lisbon Wedding Planner can provide that for you. It’s an experience worth waiting for. Lisbon Wedding Planner pays great attention to detail and follows exactly as the couple wish for. As for the last wedding, there were lanterns going up the entrance and the walk way to the top where the ceremony took place, a canopy decorated with white sheets and beautiful sunflowers, music played throughout the ceremony, rose petals, sound system and flowers for the chairs at the end of each row.

Lisbon Wedding Planner creates your day into one you will never forget.  What got to me the most from experiencing a beach ceremony for the first time, was when I stood at the back, behind where the guests were sitting and looked up. As the Bride and Groom and stood looking at each other, gazing into one another’s eyes, with the beautiful arch in the back ground, it was just one of the most beautiful picture-perfect moments ever.

When the ceremony had finished, the Bride and Groom had the opportunity to take photos all around the beach. What more could you want? You are sure not to be disappointed with Lisbon Wedding Planner’s help. Getting married and planning the wedding should not be stressful, it should be one of the best memories you will keep, Lisbon Wedding Planner are here to help you create that memory.

If you have any questions or queries that you may have then please don't hesitate to give us an email, we are hear to help as much as we possibly can. Below you will find Lisbon Wedding Planner Contact Details.

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