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Buddhist Wedding in Portugal

In Buddhism, marriage is not regarded as a sacred path towards salvation. It is more of a social occasion rather than a religious ceremony. Buddhists do not have any specific kind of wedding services. It is secular and usually occurs at a register office or couples may also choose to have their wedding at a Buddhist temple with license to serve as a legal wedding venue. People of the Buddhist faith can marry a partner from any other faith. It is however recommended that the union between the two has to be a harmonious combination of diverse abilities and strengths of the woman and the man. Since Buddhist marriages do not a specific format, it normally has the influence of the country of origin of the bride and groom.

Indian Buddhist Weddings

Indian Buddhist weddings tend to be smaller, private affairs that often include only the family members, relatives, and closest friends, of the bride and the groom.
Before the actual wedding, a number of ceremonies take place, such as the matchmaking, Khachang, Nangchang or Chessian, and choosing the wedding attire of both the groom and the bride. Indian Buddhist weddings comprise of social and religious ceremonies. The religious ritual comprises of the couple visiting the Buddhist temple in early morning along with their families. The family of the groom is accompanied by a procession and several gift items like fruits, meat, tea, cakes, and wine. Jewelry for the bride to be is also carried by them. The groom and bride light up a pair of candles in the temple as a symbol of the new union of the two families. They also offer homage to Lord Buddha’s shrine with candles, flowers, and incense sticks. Later, the couple and their families gather before Buddha and recite different hymns. Traditional vows written in the Sigilovdda Sutta are then recited by the groom and the bride as they seek blessings of happiness and love from the Lord.

Sacred threads are placed on the couples head’s by the monk/priest; they are liked to a pot which gets sanctified during the ritual. Then there is application of sacred red paste on the foreheads of the couple followed by recitation of verses from Jayamangala Gatha and Mangal Sutta. The marriage ceremony subsequently concludes with blessings being offered to the newlywed couple by elders and the monk/Rinpoche. After the Buddhist wedding at the temple, the marriage is solemnized in a non- religious place like the register office. Once the marriage ceremonies are over, families and friends get together to enjoy a feast and present gifts.


Buddhist Wedding in Portugal

Portugal is known for its excellent sunny weather, gorgeous locales, and pristine beaches. Hence, it is fast becoming one of prime spots for destination weddings in the world. Buddhist destination weddings in Portugal are also becoming popular of late due to the presence of the Fo Guang Shan Buddhist Temple in Lisbon. Even though Buddhist weddings are not a grand affair as a rule, Buddhist marriages of couples from certain countries, like India, does comprise of varied rituals and ceremonies. Hence, having a Buddhist destination wedding in Portugal can involve a lot of effort. In such cases, it is best to seek the assistance of professional wedding planners so as to ensure that the celebration of love between the couple and their families carries on smoothly without any glitches! Lisbon Wedding Planner is the best wedding planner in Portugal. It has years of experience in the wedding planning business and can take care of every aspect of a Buddhist wedding in Portugal, from comfortable accommodations for guests to handling of the paperwork for registering the marriage. Call Lisbon Wedding Planner today to have your dream destination Buddhist
wedding in Portugal!

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