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6 Ways to Avoid Bored Guests at your Destination Wedding in Portugal

There are several things you must think of during your destination wedding in Portugal, and therefore it is normal that you sometimes forget to think if your guests are feeling all right. However, to help you out, we have listed below the most important 6 ways to avoid bored guests at your destination wedding in Portugal. We are sure that with the help of these 6 ways to Avoid Bored Guests at your Destination Wedding in Portugal, this information will stick at the back of your head and you will not have to worry about having any bored weddings during your destination wedding in Portugal!

1. Host a Rehearsal Dinner for the Meet & Greets!

Your destination wedding in Portugal will be joining two sets of families. Therefore, there are a lot of people who are still not acquainted. To make everyone feel more comfortable, invite the closest people from both sides of the family to the rehearsal dinner. Present them to each other to make them feel comfortable for the big day. Also find different aspects that each guest might have in common with someone else, to get the conversation flowing between both sides. This will make everyone happier and less awkward for your destination wedding in Portugal.

2. Keep Within The Schedule!

There is nothing worst than being a guest in a wedding that has awkward timings or that lasts forever. Ensure that you keep within the set schedule so that your destination wedding in Portugal flows as planned. You obviously do not need to be 100 per cent on time as if it was an Army presentation, however ensuring that you are not trespassing all endurable time limits, will make your guests excited about what comes next.

3. Stock Up on the Goods!

Between the ceremony and the reception, please ensure to have a cocktail. You need to serve refreshing drinks and food so that your guests do not faint whilst waiting. During your destination wedding it will be hot, and whilst you will be off taking romantic and professional wedding photos, your guests will be in your venue. You do not want them to be bored, so as soon as the ceremony ends, start the party with an elegant cocktail. You can even choose to have ambience music, whilst the finger food and refreshing drinks are served. Your guests won't even notice you were gone, and when you come back you will have a large group of entertained, refreshed, and happy guests.

4. Know Your Seating Plan!

Do not accidently sit Aunt Margret with your High-School friend Teddy that you haven't spoken too in forever. This will create a very strange ambience, and your guests will feel uncomfortable during your wedding reception. If Teddy went with you to high-school place him in a table with other friends from your childhood. Mix and match according to how you met your guests, to ensure that at their table there will always be conversation! Wedding receptions at destination weddings in Portugal last a long time, and therefore you do not want the wrong people sitting together through long periods of time.

5. Place a Limit on those Speeches!

Don't get me wrong, speeches are ultra adorable, sweet and emotional. But that is only for the initial 5 minutes. After that, no one pays attention or cares about what is being said. Also, limit the amount of people who speak, do not offer a chance to all guests, as it will be boring for everyone and at the same time you will probably not remember everyone who spoke. Keep it an short circle of Dad, Maid of Honor and Best Man for your destination wedding in Portugal speeches. Trust me, you'll thank us later!

6. Last but not Least, RELAX!

If you are tense, so will your guests be. If you are stressed, anxious, or uncomfortable, your guests will feel this too. Therefore, just be happy, as the day will be over before you know it. Enjoy all of the different moments, as soon enough you will be waking up the next day without even realizing. If you just relax and have fun during your destination wedding in Portugal, we assure you that your guests will be doing the exact same thing!

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