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Barbecue Wedding in Portugal

If you dream of having a chilled Barbecue Wedding in Portugal, then you have landed on the right place. We at Lisbon Wedding Planner love creating relaxed atmosphered weddings, where everyone just feels so welcomed and comfortable. Your barbecue wedding in Portugal will be remembered forever by your guests, as they will experience a whole new side of weddings that many of them were not familiar with before!

We usually organize a Barbecue Wedding in Portugal for younger couples, who like to offer a more friendly and chilled ambience for their young guests, however, we also have older couples who prefer this method. Our clients believe that their barbecue wedding in Portugal makes everyone feel closer, and the mingling occurring is far more frequent and easy going.

At Lisbon Wedding Planner we have some of the best wedding venues for you to host your Barbecue Wedding in Portugal! Completely in coherence with the theme, these wedding venues are both stunning and extremely appropriate for your Barbecue Wedding in Portugal. We also offer a bit of a variety, ensuring that all you dreamt of is possible. Whether you dream of a wedding next to the beach, or one in a beautiful estate, we offer several possibilities! Check them below:

Arriba by the Sea, as the name states is a wedding venue next to the sea, located right on top of the beach. With beautiful outdoor and indoor spaces, you can host a gorgeous barbecue wedding in Portugal with wonderful views of the ocean. There is also a pool in this wedding venue in Portugal, where you can host your barbecue wedding in Portugal next to.

If you prefer a Vintage wedding venue, surrounded by pure greenery, fairy lights, and ocean views, we offer you the Quinta wedding venue. This wedding venue in Portugal offers you a stunning green corridor where you can host your wedding, as well as some lovely outdoor garden spaces. From wedding ceremony to wedding reception, it can all be hosted here!

Last but not least, we also offer you a private villa in an oceanfront hotel, which is also surrounded by natural woods, and stunning sights. With a private outdoor fountain patio, and private halls, this villa is all yours for you to host your barbecue wedding in Portugal! This hotel mixes the ocean views, with the elegance of the private villas, to offer you only the best for your barbecue wedding in Portugal.

For more information please do not hesitate to contact us, and we will answer all the questions about your barbecue wedding in Portugal!

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