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Boat Wedding in Lisbon

A Boat Wedding in Lisbon is a new wedding concept that has been hitting destination weddings in Portugal with a whole new force. Your Boat Wedding in Lisbon will be an original and unique experience for both you and your guests. This new concept is totally re-defining destination weddings in Portugal, and therefore most clients are dying over this option.

Imagine getting married on a fashionable boat, alongside scenic views of Lisbon's stunning coastline! Whilst you get married in your private boat wedding in Lisbon, both you and your guests will have the panoramic view of Lisbon, and the Atlantic ocean stretching out onto the horizon!

The Tagus River is one of the most famous rivers in Portugal, known for its beauty and astonishing surroundings! Your boat wedding in Lisbon will begin in the Tagus River, and will continue out onto the Atlantic Ocean. Instead of just having the view of the ocean in front, like in an oceanfront wedding venue, you will be completely surrounded by the ocean and all of its beauty!

From the wedding ceremony up until the wedding dance, you can host all areas of your destination wedding in Portugal, in your Boat Wedding in Lisbon. However, if you prefer, you can also simply host your wedding ceremony and wedding cocktail in your Boat Wedding in Lisbon, and then host the rest of your wedding in one of our beautiful wedding venues, such as the Estufa Fria in Lisbon.

A Boat Wedding in Lisbon, is especially great if you would like to have a nautical theme for your destination wedding in Portugal. For sea lovers, and beach adorers, there is nothing better than hosting a Boat Wedding in Lisbon. We guarantee that you will in fact have the best possible views as surroundings, as well has having the elegant boat touch to your Boat Wedding in Lisbon.

Do not miss out on this chance and contact us now to book your elegant, classy, and unique Boat Wedding in Lisbon!

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