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Civil Wedding in Portugal

If you are looking to have a Civil Wedding in Portugal then do not worry as that is more than possible, in all of our wedding venues in Portugal. Your wedding ceremony in Portugal is super important, as it is such a pivotal and romantic moment of your destination wedding in Portugal. Therefore, you have two main options for your Civil Wedding in Portugal. You can either have your Civil Wedding in Portugal at the registry office, or you can pay for a registrar to go to your wedding venue of choice to celebrate your Civil Wedding in Portugal.

There are several different steps and documents needed to host your civil wedding in Portugal, and it can easily become quite an overwhelming hassles, together with everything else you need to take care of for your destination wedding in Portugal! However, do not worry, as Lisbon Wedding Planner also offers a service that takes care of all that is needed. Once a list of documents is sent to you, all you need to do is to come over with these documents, and we will take care of everything for you, to ensure that your destination wedding in Portugal goes perfect, which includes your Civil Wedding in Portugal.

Our Registrar's need to speak in Portuguese by law, however we can also provide you with a translator for your Civil Wedding in Portugal. You are also allowed to combine your civil wedding in portugal with a symbolic, a blessing, or a designated speech ceremony. That way, you do not have to only have the very strict and formal, Civil wedding in Portugal, and you can even combine it with a real romantic touch.

Lisbon Wedding Planner offers several wedding ceremony packages that you can check over here. You can also check out our all inclusive Civil Wedding Ceremony Package here. If you would like more information on these packages, and what is included in them, then please do not hesitate to contact us at Lisbon Wedding Planner, and we will walk you through all of the different steps to organize the most dreamy wedding ceremony ever.

The best part of having your Civil Wedding in Portugal, is that the wedding can be held outdoors, inside a venue, or on the beach. Whether you have dreamt of getting married on the beach, in the woods, or in a trendy urban city, we will organize the most astonishing Civil Wedding in Portugal ever, that meets all of your needs. Contact Lisbon Wedding Planner, and ensure to have the most romantic, beautiful and well organized Civil Wedding in Portugal!

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