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Eloping to Lisbon Portugal

Thinking of eloping overseas for your wedding? Eloping to Lisbon, Portugal sounds like a plan?!... Well, if the idea of a big wedding bash isn’t exactly your thing or perhaps you and your fiancé just prefer a more intimate environment where you both can exchange your wedding vows in private, then look no further than the timeless and beautiful city of Lisbon, Portugal.

Lisbon, Portugal is the perfect city to host your elopement wedding embroiled in the classy European tradition. The distinctive culture, serene atmosphere and breathtaking landscapes of this peaceful Portuguese city, including its spectacular wedding venues in lush decorative settings offer prospective couples the ideal romantic getaway that they would absolutely cherish.

To make your elopement even more exciting, Lisbon Wedding Planner – the leading wedding planning company in Lisbon, Portugal will be willing and ready to assist you in making sure that your wedding turns out a success. We understand the need for couples to want to have a private wedding ceremony far away from home with maybe just a few very close friends and relatives in attendance and we have the right set of skills and years of experience necessary to pull it off.

At Lisbon Wedding Planner, we promise you a perfect elopement with great photos and memories that would last a lifetime. Our top quality elopement services is complete with a special honeymoon package which includes trips to visit various cities across Europe. With our package, Americans, for example can travel all over Europe with Low Cost tickets departing from Portugal – so you can elope in Portugal and spend your honeymoon visiting Europe.

As if that’s not enough, an elopement in Portugal with Lisbon Wedding Planner as your guide offers you low cost flights from/to all over Europe. For example, the average price for a London-Lisbon trip costs just €50, which is cheaper than the taxi from any London airport to the city center. Our highly experienced team is ready to map out for you the best routes and most cost-effective ways to navigate Europe without breaking the bank.

Portugal also has very fair rates - hotels, transportation, food and beverages are very inexpensive when compared to the other European cities. Prospective couples who are looking to elope to Portugal would have absolutely no problem doing some last minute shopping for their wedding or if you would like to extend your stay so as to enjoy more of the city, then you can be assured of getting the most of it at a cost which no other European country can provide.

The weather condition in Portugal is another reason why an elopement here is a great decision. The climate is practically stable all year round, with warm and sunny weather being the most prominent. Also, you don’t have to worry about any sudden weather changes on your special day because the forecast is quite predictable, besides necessary arrangements by our team of experts will be made long beforehand to avert any unexpected weather fluctuations.

Not surprisingly, the same cannot be said of neighboring European countries, most of which have wildly fluctuating weather patterns that can switch scenes at any minute. For example, right now in most parts of Europe, including France, Spain and Italy, it is freezing cold or snowing heavily but it is very sunny and warm here in Portugal. This alone gives Portugal an edge over these other European countries and have been a major reason why soon to be wedded couples choose Lisbon, Portugal as their ideal elopement destination.

An elopement, from our experience is mostly unpremeditated and couples who have towed this path usually miss one or two things which they wished they hadn’t during their wedding. However, with Lisbon Wedding Planner, we endeavor to study the respective backgrounds of each couple from the moment they contact us for our services, and then we access every single detail that is expected of their custom and traditions so that we can make arrangements for it just in case the couple omitted it from their preparations.

Our adept groundwork at ensuring the success of an elopement to Portugal is second to none in all of Lisbon and our extensive list of satisfied clients are a testimony of our years of providing high quality services to prospective couples. So feel free to contact us today and let us plan for you and your fiancé a five-star elopement to Lisbon, Portugal.

We are committed to deliver you a unique and great experience !

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