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Portuguese Tiles as Wedding Favors

Wedding Favors are a simple way of thanking your guests for having travelled all the way over for your destination wedding in Portugal. Therefore, offering something typically Portuguese such as Portuguese Tiles as wedding favors is a unique way of including your guests into the culture of the country of your destination wedding in Portugal.

Portuguese tiles as Wedding favors is a really great idea for weddings in Portugal, as your guests can use these tiles as fridge magnets, frame them, or even use them as drink coasters. There are thousands of ways of using Portuguese tiles as wedding favors. However, the best part is that you are offering them something that not only reminds them of your wedding in Portugal, but also something that reminds them of Portugal and their fantastic time spent here.

Portuguese tiles are a huge part of the Portuguese culture, and wherever you go in Portugal you will be surrounded by tiles. The history behind Portuguese tiles goes all the way back from the Arabic influence, as the Arabs would use tiles as a form of climate protection in the houses. However, over time it has become a sort of decoration used in all typical Portuguese houses. If you walk through the Portuguese streets, you will find all sorts of tiles at every corner. Either decorating a house, or used as a street sign, Portuguese tiles are everywhere.

The best part about using Portuguese tiles as wedding favors, is that you can write whatever you would like on tiles, or even have whatever image you would like printed onto them. That way, they can be used as decorative items, or simply just as a memorandum for your guests.

Offering something that is typically Portuguese, and that will remind your guests about your destination wedding in Portugal, as well as Portugal in itself, will add a super creative and touching aspect to your wedding favors. This will make your guests really happy and therefore, will make your destination wedding super special!

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