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Styling a Bohemian Chic Wedding in Portugal

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

Styling a Bohemian Chic Wedding in Portugal can be so difficult, especially when you have so much on your mind regarding all the other wedding details. However, for those who's dream it is to host a Bohemian Chic Wedding in Portugal, we are about to give you the hottest piece of advice on Styling a Bohemian Chic Wedding in Portugal! So if for your destination wedding in Portugal, this is the style of wedding that you would like, please read our simple steps below, and discover how easy it really is to go through with styling a Bohemian Chic Wedding in Portugal! Once you read our tips below, we are sure that styling a bohemian chic wedding in Portugal will be both easy and breezy for you, and also extremely hassle free!

1. Location

For a Bohemian Chic Wedding in Portugal, you definitely must choose an outdoor wedding. There is something about outdoor wedding venues in Portugal, that go perfectly hand in hand with a Bohemian Chic Wedding in Portugal. Your location is crucial, however you can go over to our wedding venues page and look at some of the the different wedding venues in Portugal that at your disposal!

2. Colors

Usually in Bohemian Chic Weddings, there is a background plained color theme, that is then accessorized with bolder, wilder colors. Therefore, your palette has to be very simple, with pearl, white, or even creme backdrops, that are then mix and matched with bolder, and more vivid colors. You can easily implement this throughout your whole wedding venue, and don't worry as you'll have us to help you through all the steps.

3. Flowers

Usually when Styling a Bohemian Chic Wedding in Portugal, the types of flowers chosen are wilder flowers. Especially the bride's bouquet, it tends to be a wilder, wider form instead of the uptight usual bouquet. Pinterest has some great ideas when it comes to this! However, make sure that the flowers chosen have the same colored tone as the bold colors chosen for your theme.

4. Decor

The Decor for both your cocktail, wedding reception, and dance floor has to be very coherent. With Bohemian Chic weddings you have to be careful as to not go all over the place. Keep to one style and make it coherent throughout the whole wedding. You can choose to place some carpets outdoor as well as floor pillows for guests to sit down. Making them comfortable is the most important step. For your wedding reception choose a long table outdoors with greenery as a surrounding. And finally, you can dance the night away, with flowers on your hair. Give flower hair garlands to all your guests, to ensure everyone is in the right Bohemian mood.

5. Dress

Last but not least, be careful when choosing your wedding dress, as you do not want to host a Bohemian Chic Wedding and turn up with a princess ball gown. You have to choose something simple, elegant, and very country wild or festival-y. However, think flowers in your hair, and a simple white flowy dress that blows in the wind. That is the kind of look you should be aiming for!

Good luck in getting that MoodBoard ready, and trust us, choosing the theme is the hardest part, after that, everything else comes together!!

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