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Summer Weddings in Portugal

Summer weddings in Portugal are absolutely romantic and stunning. There is just something about summer and love that goes hand in hand perfectly. Maybe it is the gorgeous sunshine filled days, the long, golden sunsets or even the fact that everything has a special, lovely nature surrounding. However, all we know for certain is that Summer weddings in Portugal are a must do.

Most clients choose to host their summer weddings in Portugal due to our climate. The sun shines bright, the days are longer, and the sunsets are absolutely incredible, providing the perfect setting for your summer destination wedding in Portugal.

Another thing that fits in perfectly with the summer is the beach. And luckily for you, Lisbon Wedding Planner has on offer three of the most exclusive oceanfront wedding venues. Offering you the perfect beach summer wedding, Lisbon Wedding Planner can organize all types of summer weddings in Portugal in these incredible wedding venues in portugal.

Coconuts by the Sea and Arriba by the Sea are two of our beach wedding venues in Portugal, where you can host your summer wedding in Portugal. Both Coconuts and Arriba are located right above the ocean, offering you not only the most scenic views, but also the most glamorous and summery beach weddings. These venues have a modern touch to them, enabling you to host a trendy, cosmopolitan, beach wedding for your summer wedding in Portugal.

Another great and elegant option that Lisbon Wedding Planner has on offer is the Senhora da Guia Hotel in Portugal. This destination weddings hotel has incredible oceanfront views, and is surrounded by beautiful gardens filled with gorgeous nature. This hotel has hosted some of the most jaw-dropping summer weddings in Portugal, creating the most beautiful summer wedding photos of our couples.

If you are looking for the perfect venues in which to host your summer wedding in Portugal, than contact us, and we'll organize especially for you, one of the most possibly astonishing summer weddings in Portugal!

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