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Vintage Wedding Video in Portugal

Today, we are bringing especially for you the most stunning, emotional, and heartwarming Vintage Wedding Video in Portugal! The Quinta - My Vintage Wedding in Portugal in Sintra, was lucky enough to host the wedding of Emily and Chris. This beautiful couple, full of life and wonder, had the most enticing vintage destination wedding in Portugal. They were gifted with the most beautiful sunset, and had a wonderfully decorated party at The Quinta. Both our wedding planners and our catering staff, worked extremely hard to offer only the best to our happy couple, whom were more than satisfied with the final outcome of their destination wedding in Portugal!

From stunning musical performances to hilarious speeches, You Film We Edit Portugal was there through it all! Therefore, they couldn't resist to capture all of the most precious moments of this destination wedding in Portugal! Living proof of the magnificence of Chris and Emily's destination wedding in Portugal is the video above, which you can re-watch a thousand times and still want to see it once again!

If you are thinking of hosting your own vintage wedding in Portugal, and would love to have a personalized and intimate wedding video by You Film We Edit Portugal, please do not hesitate to contact us, and we will get all the pieces together, to offer you a magnificent destination wedding in Portugal.

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