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Wedding Breakfast Club by Zankyou

This time, the Wedding Breakfast Club by Zankyou was hosted in the Pestana Palace, and was extremely thrilling to all guests. From a gorgeous display of different brands, to a scrumptious breakfast buffet, and a stunning wedding fashion show, this Wedding Breakfast Club by Zankyou was one you could not miss!

First off the day started by gathering several different wedding planners in Pestana Palace's blue room. In this room you could find the extraordinary flower bouquets by My Wedding Flowers Portugal, Julie Deffense's gorgeous cakes, and all set up by the wonderful Lisbon Wedding Planner. After all the mingling, and admiring of the beautiful pieces in display, the guests were taken into the Pestana Palace breakfast room. Here is where they would indulge in the delicious and scrumptious array of foods. All sorts of breakfast wonders were served.

Afterwards the guests were taken to the other side of the street to the magnificent stables, where they were welcomed by Gio Rodrigues' team. Gio Rodrigues is a talented wedding dress designer, and our guests were able to have front view seats to his wonderful fashion show. Extremely beautiful pieces were demonstrated, and our guests were able to photograph all sorts of wonders. Last but not least, a wonderful lunch was served in the hall of the stables. Another buffet of the highest of qualities, with all sorts of scrumptiously delicious foods. From soups to salads to cold meats, only the best was served.

Lisbon Wedding Planner was very pleased to work with Pestana Palace and Zankyou to provide such a wonderful event to wedding planners! For more news about these wonderful events, please do not hesitate to contact us at Lisbon Wedding Planner, and we will be sure to inform you as best as we can! Stay tuned for future Zankyou Breakfasts in Lisbon.

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