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Wedding Venues Portugal

Wedding Venues Portugal is a group of professional, devoted, and talented wedding planners for exclusive wedding venues in Portugal. They work majorly with two wedding venues in Portugal: the Pena Palace wedding venue in Portugal, and the Monserrate Palace wedding venue in Portugal.

Both these wedding venues in Portugal are extremely exclusive and special, and therefore are extremely requested as wedding venues in Portugal for destination weddings in Portugal. If you have ever dreamt of getting married in luxurious and one of a kind wedding venue in Portugal, than this group of top notch wedding planners at Wedding Venues Portugal, will make your wedding dreams come true.

The Pena Palace and Monserrate Palace are extremely special wedding venues, yet each one with their own specific and special touch. For you to know the difference between these two very special wedding venues in Portugal, we have listed the most important categories of each below! If you still want more information, do not hesitate to click here to visit the website of Wedding Venues Portugal, where you will find everything you need to know about these wonderful wedding venues in Portugal.

Being one of the special wedding venues in Portugal, the beautiful Pena Palace is one of the most unique and incredible monuments at the top of Sintra's mountains. It is only a 30 minute drive from Lisbon Airport's and a 15 minute drive from several gorgeous hotels. Especially for history lovers, we will begin with telling you the Top 5 qualities of the Pena Palace wedding venue in Portugal:

1. The Views

The Pena Palace is surrounded by 360º of beautiful sights! You can see the ocean, the surrounding nature, and the cities below. The views extend as far as one can see, and will create a magical setting for your destination wedding in Portugal.

2. The Architecture

Pena Palace's architecture is so unique. A colorful building with arabic influence, this wedding venue in Portugal is an absolute stunner. You will find that it's phenomenal architecture has been completely preserved along the years.

3. The Extra

This special wedding venue comes with a unique extra for your destination wedding in Portugal. Your guests will be able to experience a private tour of the Palace after visiting hours. This guided tour will be made exceptionally just for your guests, and therefore will be very private and unique!

4. The Halls

The halls of the Pena Palace are really unique yet are still quite inviting and comfy, creating the perfect wedding venue atmosphere for your destination wedding in Portugal. The best part, is that you can experience a section of this wedding venue in Portugal for each area of your wedding.

5. The Surroundings

The nature surroundings of this gorgeous wedding venue in Portugal are to die for. Filled with all of the most scenic views, the surroundings are precious and unbeatable. You will be able to take wonderful wedding pictures in this beautiful wedding venue in Portugal.

Monserrate Palace wedding venue in Portugal is a different kind of special, and only a 5 minute drive away from Pena Palace. Being neighbours, these wedding venues in Portugal have similar qualities, yet are so different and unique compared to each other. The Monserrate Palace wedding venue in Portugal is less historic in appearance and yet way more romantic. Belonging to royalty for many years, this astonishing wedding venue in Portugal is perfect for very romantic destination weddings in Portugal. Read below the top 5 reasons why your wedding in Portugal should be in this stunner wedding venue in Portugal.

1. The Aisle

This wedding venue in Portugal has the most beautiful wedding aisle. The kind that leaves anyone with their mouth wide open. Filled with intricate golden details against elegant marble, this aisle is a must do for every single bride to be.

2. The Architecture

The architecture of this wedding venue in Portugal is simply incredible and incomparable. All of the details are extremely well thought out and placed strategically to force one to fall in love with this breathtaking wedding venue in Portugal.

3. The Gardens

The gardens that belong to this wedding venue in Portugal are firstly never ending, and secondly absolutely astonishing. Not only do they create a magical atmosphere, the gardens of this wedding venue in Portugal also allow one to take the most beautiful wedding pictures ever.

4. The Music Room

Visitors come from all over the world to visit the Music Room in this wedding venue in Portugal. The Music Room is exceptional with a unique and intricate dome ceiling unlike any other, proving to be the perfect place to host your wedding ceremony in Portugal.

5. The Views

The views of the Monserrate Palace are exceptional, as the only thing you can see is pure nature and beautiful flora. If you look up you will see the rest of the Sintra Mountains, and if you look around you will be confronted by never ending and glorious nature. Creating the perfect, intimate and romantic ambience, this wedding venue in Portugal is hard to say no to.

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