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Your Sikh Wedding In Portugal

Updated: Aug 24, 2020

Lisbon Wedding Planner will be happy to organize your Sikh Wedding in Portugal, we ensure you with all the traditional ceremonies like the Sangeet and the Mehndi. The Lisbon Wedding Planner team have the knowledge to provide the three main events as you imagined, with all the traditional and modern rituals.


Portugal is the ideal place tho host your Sikh Wedding, from a gorgeous weather, unique gastronomy and with the traditional portuguese hospitality. No matter if you want a seaview venue or a 5 star hotel, your Sikh Wedding in Portugal is possible!

We, Lisbon Wedding Planner, will help you with the wedding ceremony at the Gurdwara Sikh Sangat Lisbon. We’ll coordinate your Sikh Wedding in Portugal at the temple so you’ll have that sacred environment and traditional costumes and colorful decorations. The Gurdwara Sikh Sangat Lisbon is the only Sikh temple in Portugal where you can have your Sikh Wedding in Portugal with the Sikh traditions.

If you desire a traditional Sangeet and Mehndi ceremonies or a more modern celebrations, we at Lisbon Wedding Planner will realize your preferences, from henna artists to Dj with Indian playlists, traditional decoration with a mix of modern and colorful details.

For the Sangeet we can provide you a pool party or a full ballroom for you and your guests to enjoy our beautiful sun and have the traditional folks dance and songs. A great party with Indian food and sweets, music and dance.

Lisbon Wedding Planner can provide you with the Mehndi celebrations, with the henna artists, traditional music and dance. Some of our couples prefer to have the Mehndi the day before the wedding, although we can provide you this unique ceremony the traditional way, in the morning of the wedding ceremony.

Your Sikh Wedding in Portugal will have all the traditions and all the modern details, as you wish. Our Lisbon Wedding Planner team customize every single wedding, since every couple is diferente.

We’ll be there from the beginning to the end. Helping with the ceremony in the Gurdwara temple and with cocktail and wedding reception at the venue. From traditional setups to modern details, to a total Indian Buffet or only some Indian courses, Vegetarian or mixed, or even Non-Alcoholic Beverages. From cocktail to the main reception, wedding cake and dessert buffet, you will be delighted with all our Indian courses!

Lisbon Wedding Planner is mora than excited to show you how great Sikh Weddings in Portugal can be.

These three day celebrations have a lot of Indian traditional food and lots of color, smells, music and dance, Lisbon Wedding Planner can offer you a wedding reception with all these, like you were in India but also abroad.

Lisbon Wedding Planner is the help and assistance you need to organize and coordinate your Sikh Wedding in Portugal!

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