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Nigerian Destination Wedding in Santorini or Portugal

Updated: Dec 14, 2020

Nigerian Destination Wedding in Portugal

There is no such thing as over the top when it comes to how Nigerian weddings are celebrated. It’s a million-dollar industry with everything from fashion to the wedding menu competing to be the talk of the town. The era of social media came, and weddings in Nigeria evolved to be social media worthy with even more expenses and excesses accompanying it.

Arriba by the Sea welcomed an elegant a Nigerian Wedding in Portugal. Arriba by the Sea is a wedding venue with amzing views to the Beach. Destination Nigerian Weddings are becoming more and more popular snf
Nigerian Wedding at the Arriba by the Sea in Portugal

When it comes to Nigerian weddings, the theme for a long time has been “the bigger, the better”. Eventually, however, couples facing the daunting task of holding their weddings are beginning to stray from the norm. They’re starting to figure out that rather than spend months worried about the funds and planning involved in throwing the big party wedding, there are alternatives. And that’s how destination weddings have become a thing among Nigerian couples.

Destination weddings provide the perfect alternative to over the top Nigerian weddings. Your parent’s friends will be impressed (Because let’s face it, that’s why most Nigerian weddings are so big) since you’re doing your wedding “abroad.” In the same vein, you can also limit the number of people showing up to your event.

This is a win-win because your great grand uncles’ cousin won’t see the need to travel outside just for a wedding. You’ll get to celebrate your love with only the people important to you there. There is also the fact that destination weddings give a holiday wedding vibe because they are held away from home. European destinations like Italy, Santorini in Greece, and Portugal are preferred locations.

Why Portugal?

It’s easy Portugal has one of the best climates in Europe. You’ll find that there’s sunshine available for most of the year, just like in Nigeria, and the coastline is fantastic. Portugal also has a history of taking weddings as seriously as is done in Nigeria, and they don’t joke with the wedding food either. You can even get a chef to whip up some Nigerian delicacies at your wedding if you desire.

The hospitality in this country is unbeatable, and the people are amicable too. There is also an abundance of destinations that will look amazing in all your Instagram photos. All you have to do is contact us at Lisbon Wedding Planner. We’ll get you many options to suit your taste at unbelievable prices. Since you’ll have to spend so much on your wedding, why not just have it outside instead?

The Rules

Many outside destinations have their own rules. It may be due to a culture or a tradition at their place, but it might mean that they might not be able to accommodate some of the aspects of your Nigerian wedding. That is not true about Portugal. Portugal places about as much importance on weddings as is done in Nigeria. There are even many similarities. There is also the added advantage of you being able to have a bit more of a firm grasp on things concerning your wedding if it’s held outside Nigeria. In Nigeria, you won’t have so much of a choice and might have to accommodate requests from extended family members whom you’ve never even met!

The Intimacy

Portugal is a romantic place. From the long and rolling coastlines where the Atlantic Ocean kisses the shore to the lovely gardens and massive architectural edifices, the atmosphere at your wedding will be romantic. Destination weddings are also always smaller and intimate because only the people who matter the most to you will be present. You’ll avoid all the strange gatecrashers that show up at weddings in Nigeria, and you’re sure you’ll be sharing your vows in front of your loved ones. The best part, it won’t even look like you’re doing it on purpose. Uncle Jude will understand that you couldn’t buy him a ticket for him to come to your wedding outside. He’ll still smile at you at the next family meeting.

Come for the Wedding, Stay for Holiday

Destination weddings are always an excellent opportunity for you and your loved ones to enjoy a holiday aside from celebrating your love. And trust us when we say that you will enjoy your holiday in Portugal. From the beaches to the lovely culture and ancient heritage, your guests will have pictures for days! It’ll be the talk of the town.

You can enjoy guided tours, your guests can explore on their own, and everyone will generally have a good time. It’s usually a well-deserved break for the routine of life back home. There is also the fact that thanks to our great packages here at Lisbon Wedding Planner, the logistics and overall finances will be about the same as you would spend on your typical wedding on a Saturday in Lagos. You might even save a bit of cash. What do you think?

We love destination weddings at Lisbon Wedding Planner, and we’ve handled a couple of Nigerian weddings. They were all great! We’d love a chance to host you and your family for yours here in Portugal. Why not take this chance and contact us? We’re ready to get started immediately.

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