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DIY Portuguese Wedding Favor Ideas

Who doesn't need DIY Portuguese Wedding Favor Ideas when planning a destination wedding in Portugal? Well almost every bride! And precisely for that reason, as well as to save you some precious time off your wedding to-do list, we have decided to give you some ideas on which types of DIY Portuguese Wedding Favor Ideas you could use for your own wedding in Portugal!

When hosting your wedding in Portugal it is only fitting to offer your guests some traditional Portuguese wedding favors, as you will allow them to bring back some of our own cultural treats from your destination wedding in Portugal! Therefore, check out our personalized list of DIY Portuguese Wedding Favor Ideas, and get as much inspiration as you possibly can, for your destination wedding in Portugal!

Port Wine

All of your guests will love to bring back a famous mini bottle of Port Wine with them! You can attach a cute message to the bottle, and even put your own wedding design onto the bottle, to create a personalized gift with a very traditional Portuguese drink!


If you are hosting a beach wedding, you can pick up some beach pebbles or stones, and paint them. On the bottom of the pebble or stone, you can write a personalized message to your guests. These can then be used as paper weights or simply as a decorative item for your guest's houses. You can paint the pebbles with very bright colors, and create beautiful patterns!


Create a small basket for each of your guests with some of the most traditional items of Portugal. Such as a small portuguese beer, sardines, cookies, jam or honey. You can decorate these baskets however you like, yet one thing you can be sure of is that they will be an utter success amongst your guests!


Portugal's coastline is dotted with beautiful boats, so why not make a beautiful boat origami for your guests, and you can even place a nice little note inside! Since origami is made out of paper, it will not only be great on your wedding budget, it will also be extremely easy for your guests to take this gift back home with them!


In Portugal, most people put dried lavender in little cloth packages and place them in clothes drawers, to keep their clothes smelling lovely! Why not do this too? You can decorate the cloth package with your names and wedding date, and not only will it look really cute, your guests can easily transport them and use them back at their own home!

Mason Jars

Buy several small mason jars and fill them up with Portuguese sand. Again if your are hosting a beach wedding in Portugal, this is an amazing gift to offer your guests! You can place a sticker on the Mason Jar with your names and wedding date, and even decorate the jar as you would like! Attach a thank you note to the mason jar and ta-da you have yourself a great Portuguese wedding favor!


Portuguese tiles are extremely famous, and you'll bump into these at almost every corner in Portugal! Why don't you engrave your names and wedding date, together with a small thank you note onto a Portuguese typical tile, and offer it to your guests! They for sure will never forget this, and it couldn't be more typically Portuguese if your wanted it to!


Place home-made jam onto little individual mason jars to offer to your guests. Wrap the top with a small picnic looking cloth and you've got yourself the perfect rural Portuguese treat! Your guests will love this, and you can even write your name and wedding date onto a sticker that is then placed onto the mason jar!

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