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Jewish Wedding in Portugal

With the help of Lisbon Wedding Planner, we can help you plan your Perfect Jewish Wedding in Portugal.

The Jewish wedding I went to, was the biggest parties out of all the weddings I have seen so far. It's safe to say, they really know how to party! But all guests had such an amazing time, which is one of Lisbon Wedding Planners main priorities.

 So firstly, the wedding was held in a 5 Star Resort in Sintra. The ceremony took place in the old ruins, where it was beautifully decorated with gold chairs for all 220 guests, and big white flowers. The following is how the day planned:

     - Guests were lead to ceremony from the hotel with the help of Lisbon Wedding Planners team.

Jewish Wedding in Portugal

    - On arrival, they were greeted with an ice-cold drink of water. As it was a Jewish wedding, men were given Kippot and woman were given fans, which had the bride and groom's initials embedded on them.

    - Woman we're to sit on the left-hand side and men on the right, this is the tradition for the Jewish.

   - White carpet was placed on the ground where the groom and bride walked on, leading from the entrance to the Chuppah. This is where the ceremony took place. It is known as a symbol of home. It is like a tent that is open on all four sides.

    - The wedding ceremony commenced at 19:00pm. The groom was standing at the alter and music was sang by a lovely band called Version Originale from France as the bridal party walked in, followed by the bride and her father.

- She was wearing a beautiful fitted lace white dress with a long trail. She looked flawless. All eyes were on the bride.

- The ceremony began. Throughout it prayer, readings and songs were said.

- The groom placed the ring on the bride's right index finger. The bride then placed the ring on the groom's right index finger but sometimes this is done outside the Chuppah, to avoid breaking any Jewish laws. Readings were done from the Aramaic text, also known as the marriage contract.

     - At the end, the breaking of the glass occurred. Glass is placed on the ground, and the groom shattered it with his foot. This was the ending of the ceremony.

     - Pictures were taken and we then led the guests to the cocktail area beside the pool. Snacks were given to the guests. And they were then brought to the reception area.

Jewish Wedding in Portugal

    - Names were assigned to the guests and tables numbers given. The reception area was beautifully decorated with the dance floor in the centre.

      - The tables had gold clothes, plates and chairs. They had big tall vases with white and pink flowers as the centre pieces.

       -  There was also a photo booth in the reception area which allowed guests to have photos instantly after being taken. This was hugely used throughout the night.

        - The live band came from France and it was playing music as the guests walked into the reception area.  They really had everyone dancing and this was before the meal! Traditional Jewish songs were being played that they were all singing and dancing along to.  As the bride and groom entered the room the noise level in the room rose as people screamed from the top of their lungs to welcome them. They danced and danced until their feet could not do anymore. The bride and groom did their own dance routine on the stage which was amazing.

      -  As the meal was being served, in between each course the guests continued to dance. Speeches were being made throughout the night, which I felt was a good idea. There was also a lovely video put together of pictures of the bride and groom. As tradition, the bride and groom were lifted into the air on chairs by the guests. The night went by very quickly. The band finished up at 2:00am, but the DJ continued to play until 4:00am.

The day and night was a great success, as most importantly the Bride and Groom were very happy with how it had all gone, and wouldn’t have asked for anything to have been different.  Lisbon Wedding Planner is there to provide you with the perfect wedding, small or large, exactly the way you wish for, with no stress involved. 

Find below our contact details and let us help you plan your perfect day!

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