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Portuguese Gastronomy

The Portuguese gastronomy is known worldwide and appreciated by almost all who try it. Portugal gastronomy is composed of several traditional dishes, and cooked with either fish or meat, vegetables and eggs. It is a very rich type of food, yet the flavors are so intriguing that one cannot help but fall in love with the food served in Portugal.

A lot of our spices come from India, and the orient in general. When Portugal colonized India a long time ago, the spices were used in the trading process, which in turn was then used in Portugal. Therefore the Portuguese flavors are very tasty and are seasoned with several spices. This in turn made the food served very rich, filled with mouth-watering flavors, and loved by all. Today the Portuguese gastronomy is still very rich, yet has gained a name for itself, offering the world some of the best, most gifted kitchen chefs. Wherever you go in Portugal, it is almost impossible for you to have a bad meal.

Another historic fact about the Portuguese gastronomy relates to the typical Portuguese desserts. Adored all over the world, these desserts are made mostly from eggs. This is due to the fact that Portugal, being a very catholic country, used to have several convents in which the food was cooked by the nuns. Because the egg yolk was not very used in the cooking of main meals, there was a lot of egg yolk that was left over. Therefore, the nuns started to invent dessert recipes with the egg yolks and sugar. This is also why most of the name of these desserts are related to god and to convent terms. In Portuguese these are called doces conventuais.

For your destination wedding in Portugal, you will be served an exquisite menu that will have all kind of flavors bursting in your mouth, at every bite. All of our clients mention how good the food was, and guests are always extremely pleased with the meal. Therefore, the Portuguese gastronomy and wedding menus offered on your wedding in Portugal, are one less thing that you have to worry about when organizing your destination wedding in Portugal.

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