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Waterfront Wedding Venues in Portugal

Waterfront Wedding Venues in Portugal are the most stunning places to host your wedding in Portugal. Most couples choose to host their destination wedding in Portugal, due to the fact that Portugal offers so many diverse waterfront wedding venues. We have one of the most beautiful European coastlines, that are dotted with some of the most incredible waterfront wedding venues in Portugal. With the sun shining bright, the ocean breeze running slyly through your ceremony, and the light blue ocean as the background, we are sure that you will be stunned at the Waterfront Wedding Venues in Portugal, that we have on offer. So let us go through two of our favorite Waterfront Wedding Venues in Portugal, located in the Cascais coast! Cascais coast is a magnificent place, filled with various activities, experiences, and beautiful sights. Cascais is a small fisherman village that over the time has become quite affluent. It is only 30 minutes away from Lisbon, and home to some of the best hotels in Portugal.

Coconuts by the sea is a modern one floored building, that was literally built over the rocks that lie on top of the ocean. Its modern, yet minimalistic architecture is compelling to many couples, as no matter what decorations you choose, they will fit right in. From vintage to rustic, to elegant or even charismatic weddings, this Waterfront Wedding Venue in Portugal is able to properly host any style of weddings that you please.

The fact that this Waterfront Wedding Venue in Portugal is directly on top of the ocean, gives a unique and romantic touch to your wedding, as the views will accompany your day. The sun will be up high when you have your ceremony, then when you are at the end of your dinner, you will be gifted by one of the most amazing sunsets, directly in front of you. The side of the Coconuts wedding venue that is facing the water is all made with glass creating the illusion that you are dining over the ocean, at this special waterfront wedding venue in Portugal.

Another one of our favorite Waterfront Wedding Venues in Portugal is Arriba By the sea. Also located on top of the beach, this wedding venue in Portugal is gifted with the best coastal and ocean views. Fit inside of a gorgeous cliff, this art piece of a wedding venue, couldn't be more waterfront if it tried. With the most stunning views of our gorgeous coastline, this Waterfront Wedding Venue in Portugal is sure to absolutely stun you.

Arriba by the Sea has a wonderful pool, which will perfectly decorate your cocktail lounge. The interior of this waterfront wedding venue also has a lot to offer, with a big space, beautiful ceiling, and different lounge areas awaiting to be created. Your imagination is the limit, and therefore you can create whatever style of wedding you would like in this modern waterfront wedding venue.

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