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Wedding Cakes

A lot of brides ask us what type of wedding cakes they should have ordered for their destination wedding in Portugal. They are usually torn apart from having to choose a 3 tier cake or a 4 layered cake, whether it is a naked cake, or a well-covered-in-frosting cake, what flavour it should be, and if two flavours is too much, and the list goes on. It sometimes seems that wedding cakes tend to be a harder problem to solve then what type of shoes brides will be wearing to their wedding in Portugal, and that just leaves me completely astonished.

Now there's a little secret that might help you in choosing what style of wedding cake you would like, for your destination wedding in Portugal, and one secret that we believe it is best you know now instead of after your wedding in Portugal. And this secret is really simple actually - its your cake!!! It is you and your husband's cake, so you do not have to think about what everyone else wants or does not want, and you can focus on your favorite flavours, shapes, and styles for your destination wedding in Portugal.

If a guest does not like the flavours you chose, or the icing you chose, or even how the cake looks, that is best for you as more will be left! This misconception that you have to constantly please your guests on your wedding day is so wrong, as you are the one paying for your wedding, and believe me in a blink of an eye it will all be finished. Wouldn't you rather have had everything you love the most, on your most important wedding day in Portugal? Instead of pleasing that auntie who never even got married and is found vicariously living through your wedding?

It is a big day, full of wonderful moments, experiences, love, and a whole lot of good food if you are getting married in Portugal, so honestly you should not let what type of wedding cake you like, ruin your wedding preparation! Choose what you as a couple like the most, in terms of everything, and you will see how that will be more than enough for everyone present on your destination wedding in Portugal!

Now in terms of wedding cakes for your wedding in Portugal, if you need a little help, we suggest you creating a mood board on Pinterest! Gather all of your favorite cake designs, recipes, shapes, colors, and flavours in one Pinterest folder, and have a chat with us, as we will let you know what we advise on each choice! Having mood board on Pinterest is the easiest, as you simply type in what you would like (ex. vintage wedding cake), and what style you would like, and thousands of examples will show! You just pick your favorite and pin those to your Pinterest wedding cake folder!

If you still do not seem that inspired, you can check a few of our favorite wedding cake designs here for all the necessary inspiration!

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