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Wedding Planners in Lisbon Portugal

Lisbon Wedding Planner consists of a large team of wedding planners in Lisbon Portugal

From the moment you book us down as your wedding planners you can

rest assured that all areas of your wedding will be overlooked by a team

of experienced and professional wedding planners. We, as your

wedding planners, serve as the glue between all the suppliers and

vendors, to bring together all the best services, and to ensure that your

wedding in Portugal is a success. Therefore, and because we aim only

for the best outcomes, we came up with the Complete Wedding Planner

Service Package, which includes everything you need to make your

destination wedding in Portugal a reality!


1. One Person: You only have to deal with one member of our team

from start to finish whom will be the bridge between you and the

venues, suppliers and vendors

2. Stress Free: Our service package ensures that you do not have

to worry about anything allowing you to relax throughout this

journey and remain as stress free as possible

3. Personalized Service: We design the whole wedding according to

your visions and your ideas so that you receive a unique wedding

that reflects your personality as a couple, allowing you to have a

signature wedding

4. Concept to Execution: We will be there from start to finish,

ensuring that every step of the way is organized, taken care of,

and ready to be a success on your actual wedding day

5. Professional Guidance: Our team of dedicated wedding planners

will do all the groundwork for you, and be there along the way. we

have a complete team, made of individuals who are talented in

one area, and who will come together to make your wedding a


6. Save both Time and Money: Our aim is to give you the wedding you

have always envisioned yet to save you both time and money

whilst doing so. We know the different suppliers and their rates,

and therefore want to only present you with the best deals for

your destination wedding in Portugal

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