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Why We Love Country Weddings in Portugal

One of the main reasons for Why We Love Country Weddings in Portugal is due to the fact that one of Portugal's many typical features is its countryside. Our countryside, filled with stunning nature and absolutely gorgeous vineyards, is very characteristic and unique, and therefore attracts many visitors year round. There's a whole new world that can be found in the Portuguese countryside, which is both elegant and poised and one of the many reasons for Why We Love Country Weddings in Portugal. From sipping wine in one of the many vineyards, to horseback riding through fields of poppies, or having an outdoor typical meal, the countryside is the perfect setting for all sorts of affairs.

And that is exactly why we believe that there is no place better to host your country wedding than in Portugal. We love country weddings in Portugal, especially because there are so many different aesthetics that can be implemented into your big day! From stunning outdoor receptions accessorized with fairy lights, to beautiful wedding ceremonies with vineyards decorating the background, country weddings in Portugal are simply the best!

Country weddings in Portugal, also offer you the best and most authentic gastronomy and wines. The food for your country wedding in Portugal will always be exquisite, as it will have the traditional portuguese touch that is so preserved in the Portuguese countryside. We cook meat like no other, yet still offer the most biological vegetables, and the most refined wines. In Country Weddings in Portugal, usually the wine served is from the wineries around the area, and therefore you get to taste the product almost first handedly, especially for your Country weddings in Portugal.

The rustic and vintage wedding styles can be easily implemented in Country Weddings in Portugal. Especially if you choose to have a full outdoor wedding in Portugal, as the surrounding views are quite vintage and rustic by themselves. If you have always dreamed of hosting an elegant vintage outdoor wedding, than we can guarantee that there is nothing more ideal than hosting a Country Wedding in Portugal.

If you feel like all you've ever wanted for your wedding was great food, the perfect wine, astonishing views, and a unique ambience, than our Country Weddings in Portugal are the right choice for you! Contact us at Lisbon Wedding Planner, and we will go over all of our country wedding venues in Portugal for you to choose from!

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