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You Film We Edit Portugal is an innovative wedding videography company. It is based on the trendy DIY style, and brings qualities to your wedding video that many other standard wedding video companies wouldn't dream of. There are several benefits to You Film We Edit Portugal, that will ensure all your most precious moments are recorded in a really personal manner.

Many couples believe that the wedding video is one of the most crucial aspects of their wedding in Portugal, due to the fact that wedding videos immortalize the most important day of the couple's lives. Therefore, couples want to make sure that they choose only the best service to take up on that responsibility. You Film We Edit Portugal offers exactly that kind of security, professionalism, creativity and talent that couples are searching for, yet it takes on a whole new intimate and personal perspective.

That fact that You Film We Edit Portugal offers a service in which your guests are the ones who film your wedding, makes your wedding video that much more touching, given that it was filmed through the perspectives of your loved ones. You choose whom of your guests you'd like to be in charge of the filming, or even ask them to pass it around during the day, however the final footage will be edited by completely professional and talented video editors. You can head over to the You Film We Edit Portugal website, which offers all kinds of tips and hints, that you can apply on your own destination wedding in Portugal.

Basically, You Film We Edit, is the DIY of wedding videos, that allows for you to have a stress free wedding, knowing that the filming of your big day is in great hands - those of your loved ones. You Film We Edit works with GoPros, which are great as they are easily transportable, fixable, and when using the accessories such as the stick, you can get perspectives that wouldn't be possible with a standard video crew.

The delivery of the equipment is also very simplified and easy, made especially for you to not worry about anything. A few weeks after your wedding, you will receive a professionally edited copy of your destination wedding in Portugal video. You can also read about the delivery of the equipment in the You Film We Edit Portugal website.

1. Intimate- The fact that your wedding video will be filmed by your guests, and therefore the people that you love the most, will make it a very personal and intimate footage that you will definitely want to treasure forever.

2. Creative- This service is completely unique, and is sure to give you a very creative wedding video, with the most inventive perspectives of your destination wedding in Portugal.

3. Budget Friendly- Due to the fact that you don't have to pay for the video crew, their meals, their time, or their travel, this will cut a huge chunk out of your wedding budget, making it far more affordable than a normal, standard video crew.

4. Professional- All members of the video editing team, and of You Film We Edit Portugal's team in general, are highly professional and their only aim is to deliver the best, most exciting, unique and romantic wedding video of all times, of your destination wedding in Portugal.

5. Fun- The whole filming experience will serve as a great entertainment for your guests, who will feel honored and pleased to be filming the most special day of your life. Also watching the final edited footage will also be quite nice for you as a couple, as you will see your special day through a very touching perspective that you weren't expecting to see.

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