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2017 Best Wedding Destination in Portugal

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For many people, Portugal is one of the best wedding destinations today that offers an incredible experience for couples. It is because this place has lots of romantic architecture, impressive atmosphere, luxurious and exotic gardens, peaceful beaches that are suitable for wedding venues. Portugal has a Mediterranean climate that is perfect for the couple to get married all year round.

This is why Portugal is the common choices of couples to perform their wedding celebration together with their friends and family. Choosing this location for your wedding will offer you great possibilities to have memorable and wonderful experience. Therefore, you need to ensure that you will choose the right wedding venue that will help you save your cost and time and get the perfect place for your special day.

To help you find the perfect place for your wedding venue, here are some best destinations in Portugal you can choose from.

Historical castles wedding venues

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If you want to experience a wedding that shows the romantic architecture of this place, you can choose some historical castles for your venues. You can consider Historical Beach Castle, Palace Wedding Venue, Palace Wedding Venue Sintra and Historical Lisbon Palace. Both of these wedding destination can provide you amazing scenery that is perfect for a special occasion like a wedding. You can invite 100 – 250 guest and share your special moment with them that you can treasure for the rest of your life.

Beach wedding venues

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Since there are lots of beautiful coastal places in Portugal, they can offer you amazing places that is perfect for your beach wedding plans. You can choose Oceanfront Venue Cascais that has the ability to accommodate almost 300 people, Beach Wedding Lisbon Coast, Historical Beachfront Villa, Seafront Wedding Villa and much more that offers a beautiful view to enjoy together with all of your guests.

Hotel wedding venues

In case you want to prefer to celebrate your big day in luxurious hotels, there are lots of hotels you can choose from that offers real sophistication and luxury. Luxury Hotel Venue Sintra is perfect if you have 200 guests. But if you want a venue that offers beach view, Beachfront 5 Star Hotel is the perfect choice for you that can accommodate 130 people. 5 Star Hotel Cascais can also be a good option for you to choose from.

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On the other hand, if you are looking for some wide spaces for your wedding venue, you can choose Woodland Wedding Venue Cascais, Rustic City Wedding Venue, Evora Wedding Venue, Lisbon Pateo and Lisbon Large Wedding Venue that can accommodate 300 to 500 guest.

All of these wedding venues in Portugal can provide you affordable price thus, will ensure you that you will be provided with the best menu to have a great experience with their delicious foods and impress you with their wines that will be serve during your wedding celebration.

There is no doubt why Portugal is the best wedding destination to all the couples out there who wants to experience romantic and unique wedding venues.

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