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Indian Wedding in Portugal

Updated: Aug 24, 2020

Portugal the perfect Wedding Destination for a India Wedding

Looking to have an Indian Wedding in Portugal? Do not worry as Lisbon Wedding Planner offers you the most exclusive wedding venues for your extravagant Indian Wedding in Portugal! From botanical garden venues to fairytale castle venues and prestigious hotels, Lisbon Wedding Planner cannot wait to find you, your ideal wedding venue for your Indian Wedding in Portugal. Whether you love the sea, or cannot live without surrounding nature, Lisbon Wedding Planner has a wide selection of large wedding venues to fit large wedding groups for an Indian Wedding in Portugal!

Having a bit of experience when it comes to organizing Indian Weddings in Portugal, Lisbon Wedding Planner is the ideal planner for your Indian Wedding in Portugal. Check out our website to see all that we do in regards to Indian Weddings in Portugal!

We've also made an Indian Wedding Glossary , to help us when organizing your Indian Wedding in Portugal. To find out more, click on the links below:

By making this glossary we learnt several terms that have become quite useful when organizing Indian Weddings in Portugal. Such as Aarti, which means a prayer that is accompanied by a fire, or Laadi which means bride, or even Maanziraat which is a ritual in which the hands of the bride are decorated with Mehendi for the preparation of the wedding ceremony.

Sangeet is a special wedding ceremony

Sangeet is a special wedding ceremony which precedes the wedding, and takes place a few days before the wedding ceremony. At Lisbon Wedding Planner we also organize the Mandvo, Pithi and Mehendi rituals.

Indian Wedding ceremonies are so intricate and involve so many different details, that we at Lisbon Wedding Planner love organizing Indian Weddings in Portugal and diving into a new culture!

Get in touch with us we are looking forward to be abble to assist you with the event planning of your wedding in Portugal!

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