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Glamping is the on going trend when it comes to fun, festival inspired, outdoor weddings. It's camping, with a touch of glamour - it is Glamping! Most couples love this idea, of having an outdoor accommodation that brings all of their guests together. Glamping is the ideal form of both decoration and accommodation for your wedding in Portugal!

Instead of having each guest go back to their hotel room like every other standard wedding, you're offering your guests the exclusive chance of having an after the wedding party. During glamping, you get to share with those closest to your hearts, the best and worst moments of the night, whilst sitting around a campfire. Once you re-live all of those oh-so-funny moments, you get to say goodbye and enter your glamorous glamping tent.

Now, it's not just any tent that you sleep in during Glamping. These are glamorous tents, filled with comfy pillows and throws, fairy lights, and a lot more space than a usual tent. You can spend your first night as a couple, under the stars, in a 5-star tent, filled with all of the important necessities! In love with this idea, and wondering just where you can find such an amazing experience for your destination wedding? Worry not, as Lisbon Wedding Planner offers you the coolest, and most trendy wedding venues in Portugal, where your Glamping dreams can come true!

The Quinta - My Vintage Wedding in Portugal, offers you the most ideal lawn where we can set up your tents, and allow you to have the most thrilling glamping experience in Portugal! Protected by The Quinta's gates, and having the manor real close if a bathroom is required, you will find that there is no place more ideal for glamping as The Quinta. Also, the fact that you can have your whole wedding hosted at The Quinta, from wedding ceremony to wedding dance, you will find that is more than the appropriate place to host your Glamping session, after your wedding in Portugal.

Also, if you are a Sea Lover, The Quinta - My Vintage Wedding in Portugal is only a 5 minute drive away from the Adraga beach, allowing you to visit the beach the day before or after your Glamping session. Imagine waking up the day after your wedding, with Portugal's hot summer breeze, putting on your best white bikini set, and adventuring to the beach with your closest friends and family! Lisbon Wedding Planner, can organize a barbecue for you at The Quinta for after the beach, or even help you host a picnic at the beach- its up to you!

With Glamping there is a world of possibilities, however if you are looking for an original and unique idea for your wedding accommodation, then there is seriously no saying no to this creative new trendy sleeping idea! And the best part is, that if you have your Parents and older family members at your wedding in Portugal, and who you might think are not ready for a night of glamping, then worry not, as The Quinta also has enough rooms for 23 people!

This way, you can enjoy your Glamping night to the most, whilst resting assured that your family is comfortable enough, without you needing to worry.

If you have fallen in love with this Glamping idea as much as we have for your wedding in Portugal, then drop us a message, and we will start organizing everything needed for your Glamping experience for during your vintage destination wedding in Portugal!

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