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Arriba by the Sea is a top notch oceanfront wedding meeting and event venue in Lisbon Portugal

Updated: Feb 15, 2021

Arriba by the Sea is a top notch, oceanfront wedding, meeting and event venue in Lisbon, Portugal. This lovely multi purposes event center is one of the best and most prestigious large wedding venues in Lisbon, Portugal that offers natural light, great ocean views, amazing food with high standard and quality service, direct access to the beach and onsite parking all in one fantastic venue.

Located just 30 minutes away from the city center in the beautiful sunny town of Cascais, Arriba by the Sea is home to various kinds of local and international weddings – from private western weddings to elaborate Indian wedding celebrations, Arriba by the Sea wedding venue ensures that there are provisions in place to cater to each specific need for every wedding.

The main compound of the event center features a lower level area called the pool level which has a Solarium, a swimming pool and a large terrace overlooking the pool. There’s also an upper level area with a balcony and a big, tastefully decorated ballroom with a lounge area and disco which serves as venue for all sizes of weddings and events.

Arriba by the Sea is one event center that is very accommodating to visitors all year round. Couples and their guests can take full advantage of the large balcony on the upper level and enjoy the magnificent views, the sun, and the warm sea breeze and they can also go for walks along the beach during the spring and summer seasons. Meanwhile, during the autumn and winter seasons, you can still enjoy the sea view breeze from the big glass windows of the indoor ballroom.

Another major advantage of choosing Arriba by the Sea as your destination wedding venue is its multipurpose adaptability. Every wedding hosted here is unique and can be easily customized to suit your style and color scheme. There is no standard decoration in place, both the interior and exterior décor of the wedding reception – the flowers, drapes, tables and chairs etc. can all be rearranged and adapted to your own taste, whether classical or modern styled, everything will be uniquely organized and different from all the other weddings.

So whether you decide to go for an indoor or outdoor wedding, Arriba by the Sea will have you beaming with smiles and bring to reality that dream wedding you’ve always wished for. There are several options you can choose from for either an indoor or outdoor ceremony, including the wedding ceremony in the solarium, in the beach, in the indoor balcony or in the terrace overlooking the pool. You may also enjoy a pool wedding cocktail served in the pool area or a ballroom wedding cocktail (also known as the upper balcony wedding cocktail) served in the ballroom.

The indoor wedding reception in the ballroom at the upper level is a great location for partying with its disco and open bar to keep your wedding guests well entertained. The beach also offers great photo taking opportunities, so you can end your wedding day with photoshoot sessions by the beach which is a great location for taking memorable shots that would make your special day a more intimate and unforgettable one.

What makes this amazing event center even more appealing is its nice and affordable packages. Couples seeking to have their destination wedding in Portugal will have no trouble doing so as Lisbon Wedding Planner, the leading event planning company in Lisbon Portugal will be there to help you choose the perfect budget friendly and stress-free wedding package that would best suit your needs.

Lisbon wedding planner will ensure that whatever wedding package you decide on will have everything complete and ready for your big day and we will also make sure that things go smoothly and according to plan throughout the course of the wedding ceremony.

Quality service and fluent communication is also guaranteed so you don’t have to worry about language or culture barriers as our years of experience has trained us on how to deal effectively with foreign based clients.

Arriba by the sea also offers fresh, state of the art food and drinks. Arriba’s catering services serves mainly international and local Portuguese food and we also provide a pre-wedding tour of the menu and the entire planning process to keep you abreast of what to expect. It is always a wonderful experience when you make Arriba by the sea your destination wedding venue and choose Lisbon wedding planner as your planner, the result is the perfect fairytale wedding.

So contact us today on and let’s help make your Arriba by the Sea wedding a dream come true for you and your partner.

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